Fridge / Dragon Quest Monsters

  • CELL is the MSO's enemy, right? Their leader, Trump, obviously knows a lot about Dr. Snap and the organization. If Igor really had been "betrayed" by Snap, how come he never ended up in CELL? Trump would at least have contacted Igor to figure out what Snap was researching, maybe even to offer a chance to get back at him. And if this did in fact happen then why did Igor refuse?
  • After the game, Solitaire remembers hearing from her mother, Madam Rummy, that Warden Trump had a son with the same name as The Hero, and figures that they're the same. So: (a) How did Madam Rummy know who Trump is? (b) How did she know who his son was, or what his name was? (c) If she learned any of this before the tragic accident that affected Trump, what does that imply about their relationship? (d) If she learned it after the accident instead, how could she have, when Trump vanished off the face of the earth to form and lead CELL? (e) Did Madam Rummy recognize the hero as Trump's kid from the start? (f) What does all of this imply about the relationship between The Hero and Solitaire?