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Fridge: Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Leaping Through Time

Fridge Brilliance

  • In episode seven, Tagiru's newly captured Pagumon has run amok after Gumdramon and Tagiru had a falling out, with the former joining Ryouma's team. In the midst of Pagumon's clones running wild, Gumdramon and Tagiru make up, and work together to stop Pagumon. However, a previous episode stated that a Hunter can only have one digimon out of the Loader at a time... and Pagumon was out of the Loader already. So how was Gumdramon able to help stop him? Easy: Gumdramon's partner did have only one digimon out of his Xros Loader at that moment. And by that, I mean Gumdramon was still Ryouma's digimon at the time. Notice Tagiru doesn't evolve or DigiXros Gumdramon with anyone; this supports the theory that Gumdramon wasn't able to be affected by Tagiru's digivice at the time. Presumably, with the two of them having patched things up, Gumdramon went back to formally being Tagiru's digimon once the episode was over.
    • ... And then my entire theory is broken wide open by the fact that Tagiru unloaded MetalTyrannomon to fight the Pagumon swarm. Um, maybe with Pagumon running wild like that, he'd technically gone wild and thus didn't count as Tagiru's digimon anymore?
    • More Fridge Logic... after Kotemon was added to Tagiru's team and entered the Xros Loader, both he and Gumdramon were seen standing outside it after the fight with Ren and Yashamon.
      • He only went in the first time to deal with Yashamon and decided to be an official team member after the fight? Grasping for straws but still. . .
      • Kotemon had not taken up residence in the Xros Loader yet, even though he had been DigiXrosed, he was not a true teamate yet, and DigiQuartz treated him as such. Also, as shown in the relevant episode, Pagumon and his clones were made up of all the food they ate, at least temporarily, and as such, were not subject to the 1 'mon rule.
      • Also, Pagumon went back into the Xros Loader directly after the fight.
  • Episode seven also features a bunch of Pagumon who have the munchies, and start multiplying at an alarming rate eating a bunch of food shops. It doesn't really make sense in context. Pagu in Japanese is a sound you make while eating, which is why probably why they used Pagumon.
  • Episode nine: Taiki and Yuu use Double Xros to make Shoutmon X4. . . but Tsuwamon is still present. The rules say 1 digimon out at a time, and up to 2 in a digixros. Tsuwamon is Yuu's digimon thats out, and Ballistamon/Dorulumon is his two in a xros- just not using his partner as the core of the xros.
    • Presumably, the fact that only Tuwarmon was out of the Xros Loader on his own, and that Shoutmon- Taiki's Digimon- was the base of X4 is why this worked. If their partner isn't in control of the result, it doesn't count as being a Digimon under their control.
      • (OP) That's what I was trying to say, but I can see how the wording makes it look like I'm questioning it.
  • Why did using Shoutmon X4 seem to be a better idea versus SuperStarmon? Look at the previous series - every Digi Xros that involved two or more generals and Xros Loaders was exceptionally more powerful than ones preceding it. Shoutmon X5/B, Shoutmon DX, and Shoutmon X7 being particular examples, sometimes even being stronger than Xroses that used more digimon or the same amount. In this case, Shoutmon X4 was a Double Xros between Yuu and Taiki, making it far stronger than it is normally, and thus a suitable alternative to OmegaShoutmon.
    • They also outright said that X4's sword was what was needed to cut through SuperStarmon's barrier. That's the whole reason he was brought out in the first place.
  • At first, I didn't understand why Taiki kept his goggles, when he wasn't the leader anymore (well, he is the acting leader, but Tagiru is the series' true goggleboy), especially considering how Taichi gave his own to his succesor, Daisuke, at the beginning of his series. It makes perfect sense when you consider that Hunters is a crossover series, and the previous goggleboys have been confirmed to appear. Even if Taiki is this series's Lancer and mentor, he is also the goggleboy of Digimon Xros Wars. He didn't lose his status as goggleboy because he still IS one!
    • Sadly, the above did not predict that the reason Taiki kept his goggles is because he was supposed to give them to Tagiru... in the final episode. Although supposing that for some reason having goggles means that you are the leader, then quite frankly it could be that Taiki kept his goggles because he Is the one that actually leads the team when necessary, even though Tagiru usually just does it's own thing.
  • Akari's X Loader is orange, and Zenjirou's is blue. What does this have to do with anything? Think back to Xros Wars - Omegamon claimed that it was Akari's courage and Zenjiro's friendship which enabled Shoutmon to evolve, an obvious reference to the partners of the two Digimon who traditionally comprise Omegamon, Taichi and Yamato. When their Digivices activated using their Crests of Courage and Friendship, what colours did they become? Respectively, orange and blue.
  • During the crossover fight, Masaru teams up with OmegaShoutmon. This might sound completely random, but it's not. Remember that OmegaShoutmon shares his VA with Taichi's Agumon, and Masaru's own partner is an Agumon. When it comes down to it, he's just teaming up with Agumon, as he has done throughout all his own series.
  • Thinking of the Xros Series as the Digimon version of Gurren Lagann brings some plot elements to a new light.
    • Xros Wars could be seen as the first half to Gurren Lagann, with Bagaramon being Lord Genome.
    • Where as Xros Hunters could be seen as the second half, with Quartzmon being the Anti-Spiral and the final battle being in space.
    • Not to mention that Bagaramon came back to life and is now a good guy, much like Lord Genome.
  • Taichi and Masaru were two of the first old heroes to be seen; first at the end of Episode 14 (in shadow) then again to bail out Tagiru and the others at the end of episode 22. This is because they represent a number of important aspects of Digimon and even somewhat parallel each other: Taichi was the very first hero of the anime series, while Masaru was the last until Xros Wars came along. Taichi was the original Hot-Blooded protagonist, while Masaru was even more Hot-Blooded than any who came before him. They both have Agumons as Partners as well, and they both have a Blonde haired Friend / Rival in Yamato / Matt, and Thoma / Thomas respectively, who parallel Kiriha. Plus being two of the most reckless characters, it's likely that they chose to jump the gun and rush in to help before the official debut, so they were really the perfect choices for the first two cameos.
  • After Quartzmon is defeated, Agunimon can be seen standing next to Takuya, which doesn't seem to make sense considering that the human characters transform into Digimon in Frontier. Frontier's finale, however, shows that Agunimon and the other Legendary Warriors are separate entities from their human counterparts.

Fridge Logic:

  • How the hell is Imperialdramon, someone who's barely stronger than War Greymon in the original series he's from, stronger than Omnimon, Gallantmon Crimson Mode, and freakin' Susanoomon?
    • When was that ever said?
      • It wasn't said, but was strongly implied. Omnimon, Gallantmon and Susanoomon's attacks were restraining the remaining enemies, then Imperialdramon came, changed himself to Fighter Mode and fired the finishing blow, he made the biggest boom out of the four and everyone had to hide behind MetalGreymon. Of course, that could be handwaved as the Xros Wars universe not taking into account the estabilished amount of power of some Digimon. That, and the fact Susanoomon didn't use any of his official attacks, maybe he was holding back to not accidentally slay the world in two?
      • Imperialdramon's strongest attack, Giga Crusher (the chest blaster he used) is said in canon materials to be ten times stronger than Dragon Mode's best attack, Mega Crusher which, and I quote "Fires super-massive dark matter, swallowing everything within a dark space and completely annihilating everything within a radius of a few hundred meters around the impact-point of the dark matter." More than likely the reason Imperialdramon looked worse next to WarGreymon in 02 is because of BWG's Dramon Destroyers.
      • Except he never got hit by them, he fell in the clash of their energy attacks. His attack couldn't have been too much stronger than theirs because none of the Digimon were seriously injured by it. Imperialdramon Fighter Mode never had a concrete win against any Mega level without help from other Digimon. being ten times stronger than Dragon Mode's best attack is pretty impressive, but its still not on the level of Omnimon or Gallantmon Crimson, who are both strong enough to oneshot several Mega level Digimon with little effort, not does it put him on the level of Susanoomon, who is more powerful than a character who shattered three moons at once.
      • Well see, now you're just complaining for the sake of complaining. It could also be said that the combination of Imperialdramon's attack with the others was what made things go kablooie, since it wasn't just him who was firing at those MaloMyotismon. Maybe Davis was just quick enough to recognize that all those attacks together were going to make a big boom and that everyone would be smart to take cover.
      • I believe it was done to try and justify the way Imperialdramon finished off Malo Myotismon in his own series.
      • 02 had quite jarring design choices, specially in the messy second half, and Imperialdramon suffered from it. Fighter Mode is OUTRIGHT STATED in his official profile to have the power to be a planet burster. Heck, that very same Imperialdramon Fighter was the one who killed Milleniumon (only V-mon was under Ryo's control). That's the evolved form of a Dark Master, with the power to warp reality. So pay Imperialdramon the respect 02 didn't pay him.
  • Why didn't Takeru and Hikari come over, they have Angel digimon, Taiki has a Spadamon, which according to his description, would give an Angel digimon the power to save the world.
    • Because if Spadamon would be considered anyone's master, it'll be Taiki, not Angemon or Angewomon.
      • what does the "master" of the digimon matter? It's Angemon or Angewomon wielding the weapon, which is all that is required.
  • So Astamon is really quartzmon How did Arresterdramon not realize that when they digixrossed?

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