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Fridge Brilliance

  • Thomas' last name, Norstein, being misspelled 'Nordstein' in the final episode may seem like a production error, until you realize that given where he studied and the general sound of his name, people in-universe might think that 'Nordstein' may genuinely be how it's spelled, like the confusion regarding Jesse Andersen's last name. note . It wasn't as though he could correct them on the mistake, or even would care to at the time.
  • Mixed with Fridge Horror: Yggdrasil's extreme actions become much more understandable once you realize since the Digital World is for all intents and purposes his body, Kurata might well have caused injuries analogous to brain-damage.
  • The Fridge Brilliance section for Digimon Frontier makes a good point about how having the kids become Digimon themselves made a lot of sense. So I was just thinking about Digimon Savers one day and had a huge bout of Fridge Brilliance about Masaru and his chosen method of dealing with Digimon:
    • In Digimon Adventure, they evolved normally.
    • In Digimon Adventure 02, they merged the Digimon together.
    • In Digimon Tamers, the humans merged with their partners.
    • And finally, in Digimon Frontier, the humans became the spirits themselves.
    • Now we have Savers, which seems to go back to basics with just the partners evolving right? After all, after having the kids become Digimon, where else can they go? How about having the humans knock out Digimon without their partners at all. Masaru (and more to the point his dad, who could fight Ultimate/Megas level Digimon to a standstill) actually represent the next logical step, while at the same time, allowing Savers to go back to basics with normal evolution. Genius.
      • One can even say that's the whole point of the Digisoul in general, humans gaining powers comparable to Digimon.
  • The absence of the Royal Knights could be construed as a sign of Savers having an Idiot Plot. Or it could be construed as them being occupied in alternate universes at the time. After all, Crusadermon's and Dynasmon's antics likely aren't appreciated by the other eleven.
  • Why didn't Ikuto's Digivice break when he Digivolved Falcomon to Ravemon for the first time, unlike the other three? Because he's emotionally more stable than them when he did that.
  • Why are the main character's digimon initially worfed by the first set of bio-hybrids, where the latter set are based on armor, which are usually seen as Adult/Champion class? Because the humans, who are adults, "evolved" into those bio-hybrids, which are perfectly even against RizeGreymon, MachGaogamon and Lilamon.
  • Why did the second opening debut in episode 30? Because that's when Ikuto finally joins the main trio for real. Even though he accepted his place in the group in episode 27, he still went away by himself for one and half episodes to bring in reinforcements. After that, he stays permanently. So why don't we celebrate that with the opening that both acknowledge his existence and cement him as one of the main characters?
  • Lalamon more than once pokes fun at how such a Sloth Yoshino is. Come the battle with Belphemon, the Demon Lord of Sloth. Who is the one initially leading the heroes, with Masaru losing Agumon and Tohma defecting to Kurata's side? Yoshino, the Sloth.

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