* There are some really horrifying implications to some of the things you find out in this game. For example [[spoiler:since there is no God, only the Old One, that means that there's no afterlife in Boletaria, and as we see, the souls of the people who are killed just sit there until either the character finds and uses them, or a demon eats them. Then there's the Monumental's story: [[AndIMustScream in order to preserve the fabric of reality, hundreds of people became half living statues, able only to speak.]] Then, one by one, they began to die until there's only one left, one who had to watch every single one of his friends die and wonder if or when he would be next. Oh, and here's the topper: [[DownerEnding when the player beats the game and gets the good ending, they become a monumental themselves, which means that the fabric of reality is safe from the Old One, only up until the player dies like the previous monumentals did.]] So your choices at the end of the game are to either become a living statue that condemns himself to a fate worse than death for the sake an unbelievably CrapsackWorld, or become the ultimate demon and wipe the world out completely. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions...]]
** Also, one of the game developer's main focus was to give the player a feeling of accomplishment. In this case, [[spoiler: the satisfaction of either being the world's most powerful and evil king, or putting an end to the demon threat once and for all.]] There's no way to know for sure unless there's a sequel.


* Phalanx is the corrupted form of Long Bow Oolan, and is guarded by blobs with shields. Tower Knight is the corrupted form of the shield wielding knight of the tower, and is aided by enemies shooting arrows.
* The weapon you get from Long Bow Oolan's black phantom form in 1-4 is a bow only otherwise found in the Shrine of Storms, the White Bow. So what was she doing in Boletaria? Reading the description of the Adjudicator's Shield states that cowardly acts were cause for the Adjudicator to eat you, so it's no wonder an archer who hid behind flunkies tried to get as far from her homeland as possible!
* The late game revelation [[spoiler: (that sorcery and miracles are the two sides of the same coin)]] is foreshadowed by the clothing of their representatives. The clothes Freke and Saint Urbain wear are [[spoiler: the same robes with a different color scheme.]]