Fridge / DeathSpank

Fridge Brilliance
  • It was explained that whoever wears a Thong of Virtue will be corrupted into doing evil things, but will also believe that the things they do are good. Sandy wondered why Deathspank, who wore the Thong of Justice, does not get corrupted, and Deathspank suggested that it's probably because he's too lazy to be corrupted. At the end of the game, the player is presented with two choices; for Deathspank to sacrifice his thong, and his life (killing the wearer is the only way to remove the thong), or to realize that Sandy actually evil, and kill her. If the player chooses the latter choice, Deathspank will fight Sandy. After killing Sandy, the ending cutscene shows that Deathspank now wears all the thongs and has become a powerful warrior. Mind you, the game never explicitly suggested that Deathspank's accusation towards Sandy is in any way true, and the ending cutscene, which was depicted as a happy victory by the game, was narrated by Deathspank instead of Sandy, meaning that this is how he sees the situation. This ending can be interpreted that Deathspank, and the player, were corrupted by the Thong to do evil, but they see it as doing something good.