Fridge / Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Fridge Brilliance
  • See C.J.'s Heroic Sacrifice. Not only does he take out a whole mess of zombies by blowing up the bus, but the flaming wreckage effectively barricades the marina, allowing the others to cast off unimpeded.
  • Why do they waste so much time rescuing Nicole? Because she's in a gun shop and they're about to leave the mall. They can afford to waste ammo rescuing her because they can stock up once she's safe.
    • Additionally they were running out of ammo anyway and would presumably have relied on Andy to help them refuel once they got him.
  • Likewise Nicole watched how the zombies got into the shop. Notice how she parks the truck right beside the flap - to prevent the zombies from getting at it while she's climbing.
  • Why is Ana left in the mall while the others are rescuing Nicole, despite showing she's good in a crisis and she knows how to use a gun? Because she's a nurse and they'd need to rely on her to help with any injuries. They can't risk her getting infected.

Fridge Horror
  • When Kenneth meets Ana, he has a rifle on her and tells her to "Speak." Has he killed anyone "normal" who was simply too shell-shocked from the Zombie Apocalypse to speak?
    • Did he use the gun on anyone with a Heroic B.S.O.D. as a way to off anyone he saw "too weak"?