Fridge / Danball Senki

Fridge Brilliance

  • The Achilles gaining an automatic rifle out of nowhere when Ban wasn't allowed to own anything LBX makes sense if you factor in one thing: spoils of war. Surely Ban would know enough about LBX to scavenge the three Deqoo he took out in his first fight for anything of use.
  • LBX Ryubi actually goes one up (or three?) on another Ryubi by representing all The Four Gods - serpentine tail for Seiryu, red plumes for Suzaku, round shield for Genbu, and striped black and white panels for Byakko.
  • Why did Dr. Yamano give Van the AX-00 with how many people would be after his own son? With Kaido essentially holding his family hostage, Jon would see this as a chance to hit two bird with one stone by giving his son a highly advanced LBX that he could only operate and would be able to protect himself with and protecting the Platinum Capsule as defeat in battle would be the one way to unlock it. With the Achilles Exo-Armor, the odds would be more in Van's favor along with Lex who previous escaped.

Fridge Horror

  • Had Jackal's assassination of the prime minister gone off smoothly, Yoshimitsu would have had even more control over the government, making the situation harder for the protagonists to occur.