Fridge / Cyborg 009

Fridge Brilliance

  • So the 1964 manga had some pretty glaring racial stereotypes, such as Chang's "3" squinty Asian eyes, and Pyumna's infamous Blackface, which earned the manga some controversy. But remember - the story of Cyborg 009 involves nine cyborgs with different nationalities trying to stop Black Ghost, which seems to be the embodiment of war. Since the manga seems to be anti-war themed, Ishinomori might be trying to teach us that war affects everyone, regardless of nationality. As for the racial stereotypes, that's Ishinomori's way of telling us that people have the ability to surpass national (and racial) boundaries and form lasting friendships.
    • The other characters have similar stereotypical features. 009 is the most Bishōnen character with his fluffy hair and big, sparkly eyes; 007 has a punched-in pug nose and wide mouth; 005 is scarred and is physically the largest cyborg; 004 is hook-nosed and intimidating whether he's smiling or frowning; 003 is the fragile-looking blonde ballet dancer; 002 is the red-headed, big nosed gangster; and although 001 doesn't have any physical indicators to his Russian heritage his last name is Whisky.
  • Ever wonder why in the 2012 manga Conclusion: GOD'S WAR, Jet Link (002) went back to New York, his former home, and became a private detective? In the 2001 anime, an episode revealed a part of Jet's past where he felt guilt over his inability to save street children in his time from turning into delinquents like him. Working as a private detective in the place where he grew up would allow him to put away criminals, thus saving the children there from crime and allowing him to atone for his guilt.
  • Great Britain's baldness in all of his incarnations is a visual representation of the term "blank slate". As a shapeshifter, he can transform into anything (and anyone) he wants to, taking on a different identity every time.
  • Joe's blonde hair in the 1979 anime may be a Call-Back to the original manga, where he was stated to be half-Japanese through his mother while his father was a foreigner, possibly American.
  • Jet telling idealistic versions of the 00 Cyborgs' adventures to his young friend Jimmy as well as Jimmy's Hero Worship of Jet in the 2001 series is due to Jimmy being a young and very impressionable child, thus he may not be able to fully understand how horrible and traumatic it actually was to become a 00 Cyborg. However, Jet portraying himself as a Gary Stu-style hero who always gets the girl (Francoise) could be that he was nursing a bruised ego from being one-upped by Joe a few times, so casting himself in that light allows him to receive as much glory and recognition that Joe gets.

Fridge Horror

  • The arc where the other 00 cyborgs (0010 through 0013) try to hunt down the main characters happens right after they escape. It's possible that they were just finished with development, like 009 was. If the protagonists had waited just a bit longer to make their daring escape, they could have saved at the very least the humanoid 0010 and 0013 (0011 is harder but still possible since he's so big, and 0012 is impossible because she's a house). 0010 + or - or 0013 could have been the main protagonist instead of 009.