* Meta example: I always thought that throwing Curious George (essentially a small child) in jail for accidentally calling the fire department was ridiculous DisproportionateRetribution. Learning that the Reys wrote the book shortly after coming to America (escaping from Paris just before the Nazis came nonetheless!) made me realize that the scene probably reflects a common immigrant fear: that you will accidentally break a law you didn't know existed and be punished harshly.
* There's a lot of debate over whether George is actually a "monkey" or a chimpanzee. However, those debates are moot if one considers the possibility that George is a Barbary macaque--a tailless monkey that does, in fact, live in Africa.

* How can the human characters understand George?
** They don't. George can understand the humans, but the rest of what he does is basically an elaborate series of pantomime. And some are better than others at understanding, depending on how long they've known George.

* George is a baby chimpanzee that the Man in the Yellow Hat appears to be raising as a human child. That's fine as far as that goes, but eventually George is going to grow up and hit puberty. Baby chimps are cute and all, but an adult chimp is phenomenally strong and can be very aggressive, as several people in real life have discovered. How long is it going to be before the police find the Man in the Yellow Hat beaten to death with his own arm?
** Is it actually said that George is a baby chimpanzee?
*** NotAllowedToGrowUp