Fridge / Cool World

  • Fridge Brilliance: "Cool World" is riddled with hints that the movie is about insanity, and that the way one gets to Cool World is by leaving reality. A few notable clues:
    • Frank and Jack both had breaking points where they snapped; Frank when he lost his mother right after returning from the War, and Jack when he killed his wife's boyfriend.
    • "You've lost it man, that's why you're here!"
    • Frank asks Nails if Jack's presence in Cool World is "just another dream-slip" (implying that normal people have short-term visits to Cool World via dreams, the one time when all of us break from reality).
    • The faces of the buildings in Cool World may represent different emotions the insane person is randomly running in and between
    • And the number one, give-away as to what's really going on: When Frank first arrives in the cartoon world after losing his mother, who is the first person he speaks to? A doctor. What is the first thing Dr. Whiskers does? Examine Frank. What happens next? The doc takes Frank to a mysterious new home, while attempting to comfort him.

  • Fridge Logic: Knowledge of various Doodle/Noid interactions and their consequences are extremely widespread in Cool World, but aside from one or two throwaway lines about what Holli's been up to lately, Frank and Jack are apparently the only humans who've even been to Cool World, let alone know it exists.
    • Debatable as it's implied humans have lost it and come to Cool World, they usually just don't last very long.