Fridge / Cool World

  • Fridge Brilliance: "Cool World" is riddled with hints that the movie is about insanity, and that the way one gets to Cool World is by leaving reality. A few notable clues:
    • Frank and Jack both had breaking points where they snapped; Frank when he lost his mother right after returning from the War, and Jack when he killed his wife's boyfriend.
    • "You've lost it man, that's why you're here!"
    • Frank asks Nails if Jack's presence in Cool World is "just another dream-slip" (implying that normal people have short-term visits to Cool World via dreams, the one time when all of us break from reality).
    • The faces of the buildings in Cool World may represent different emotions the insane person is randomly running in and between
    • And the number one, give-away as to what's really going on: When Frank first arrives in the cartoon world after losing his mother, who is the first person he speaks to? A doctor. What is the first thing Dr. Whiskers does? Examine Frank. What happens next? The doc takes Frank to a mysterious new home, while attempting to comfort him.
    • Brad Pitt's character hasn't aged in 47 years, just like the real life version!
    • In a meta sense, Holli Would becoming the villain in the revised version of the screenplay doubles as a Take That! to her voice-actress, Kim Basinger, pulling off a Wag the Director.

Fridge Horror
  • So is the ending really happy? Doodles can't feel anything, that's Holly's whole motivation. So Frank and Lonette devoid of sensation together for all eternity?