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Fridge: Conservapedia
  • Fridge Logic: So you think that, due to a slant in the academic establishment, The Other Wiki inadvertently has a slight liberal bias; and the best way to counteract this is to set up a wiki with an overt, deliberate and extreme conservative bias? Even if anyone was going to compare them rather than just sticking to the one they agree with, you're not going to end up anywhere near a compromise... But then if you've got a problem with that, you're an anti-American liberal.
    • On the other hand, if Conservapedia is a protest against Wikipedia and other media they see as liberal-biased, to effectively protest the only thing they need is publicity. Uninhibited radical views get publicity, which has now spread far and wide the message that Wikipedia has a liberal bias. As much as we poke fun at the massive contributions of parodists to the wiki, maybe the creators never actually intended it to be a reliable, informative work.
    • There's a new rule about usernames. If you want to create a new account it has to consist of your first name and last initial. But what about the fact that no two users can have the same username? What about the part where vandals can easily make up aliases that may have the same first name and last initial as someone legitimately interested? And what about TRUE and HONEST users that are wary about letting their identities be known on the internet?

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