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[[AC:Intercontinuity Crossovers]]
* In ''ComicBook/BatmanAndCaptainAmerica'', when Joker discovers Red Skull's affiliation with the Nazis, he [[EvenEvilHasStandards flat-out refuses]] to continue working with him, stating, "I may be a criminal lunatic, but I'm an ''American'' criminal lunatic!" Just so you know, the Nazis were known for systematic murder of anyone with a mental illness. - Nakayama90
[[AC:Alan Moore]]
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[[AC:Newspaper Comics]]
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* Ultimate Warrior's Workout: working out while off balance forces more muscles to engage, especially the core, and a stronger core helps to prevent lower back injuries.
* Fridge/WhenTheWindBlows
* Fridge/{{Transformers}}
** [=IDW=]'s More Than Meets the Eye gives us some beautiful fridge logic when it's revealed that [[spoiler: 'bots with a memory stick or similar as an alt-mode (that is to say, the cassettes) were considered slaves before the war]]. At first this just registers as a 'well, that sucks' moment, but with some thought it ends up quite handily explaining why, [[spoiler:aside from Rewind, every cassette character we've seen has been a Decepticon, and why being changed into a cassette was a severe punishment for former senator Ratbat - the Decepticons recruited heavily among the oppressed bots, since their initial impetus was fighting that oppression (that didn't last), and Ratbat was changed from a ruler to a slave - it'd be hard to think of a worse punishment!]]