Fridge / Clive Barker's Undying

Fridge Horror
  • Among the monsters you fight are ghosts — which 'Scrye' vision reveals as the spirits of robed, staff-wielding monks — and skeletons, described as former monks, now undead guardians of the catacombs; you also explore the ruins of an old burnt-out monastery. Later, the hero Patrick travels back in time to retrieve a magic fighting his way through a bunch of living, staff-wielding monks, and incidentally blowing up the monastery. From the monks' perspective, this madman comes out of nowhere, slaughters the entire monastic order and burns down their home, then shows up centuries later and kills their ghosts.
    • Mitigated by the fact that they brought it on themselves by attacking someone who —while odd-looking— had done absolutely nothing to them. The fact that the leadership was going loco also helps.
  • You are told that Lizbeth passed away because of a strange, wasting illness which left her bedridden until the end. The player logically presumes that after she died, Lizbeth was buried and then reanimated while in her grave. However, the player later realizes that the curse prevents the Covenant siblings from being away from the place of their death for too long. So if Lizbeth died at home, why does she hang so much around the mausoleum? Fridge horror strikes when you realize that she was buried alive. Word of God confirms this: Lizbeth died in the Mausoleum area. Sick and buried alive in a coma-like state, but died there (see the scratches on the inside of her coffin).

Fridge Brilliance
  • Check out the picture at the top of the main page, with the family portrait of the Covenants, and its linked match you can view in-game. It seems to portray the Covenants' ultimate fates, but it actually shows their monstrous true forms. This is a major clue that Jeremiah is Not So Different from his siblings.