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Fridge / Civil War

Fridge Brilliance
  • In the first issue a school was blown up, and the New Warriors were blamed, generating massive popular outrage. This outrage extended to all superheroes, not just to the New Warriors. To show the shift in public opinion, a later scene shows a mob attacking the Human Torch in line for a movie, and leaving him unconscious in the street. During that part, someone asked the Human Torch if he has burned a school. In context, it's a mob mis-blaming him for the New Warriors incident, and the lack of further clarifications seem to confirm it. But in fact, the Human Torch did burn a school some time ago. It was in the nineties, during Tom De Falco's run on the Fantastic Four. He had enrolled at the Empire State university, and he was attacked by Paibok (a Super-Skrull), Devos (an alien with a battle armour) and Lyja (a Skrull who can fire laser beams from her hands). And, as he had a "I'm a tough guy" day, he did not call for help, but attempted to defeat them all by himself. They overwhelmed him... so he made a nova blast. The enemies escaped, but the whole campus was set on fire, because of his arrogance in not calling for help when he had to. At the time, this had no long-term effects but it does cast a different light on the mob scene and the Civil War in general.

Fridge Horror
  • Villains taking advantage of the situation of the Civil War and let's not even get started if the Annihilation Wave decided to set their sights on Earth while the heroes are hamstrung by red tape.