!!Chess: The Game
* Why are we not allowed to capture the King? Why do we have to corner the King in a checkmate? Why can't you kill him if your opponent did not notice that his king was in check? Because like in real life, killing the opposing King on a battlefield is not very profitable. It is much more useful to capture him alive and ask for a ransom, thus preventing a new King and getting a huge sum of money.
** Also, in the era when chess was invented, playing a game where you won by killing a royal could have been seen as tantamount to a declaration of high treason.

!!Chess: In Concert
* I was watching Chess: In Concert (2008, London), and the scene where Freddie ambushes Anatoly during an "interview" by demanding to know about his family in Russia was quickly filed under Freddie's asshole file. But later, I was listening to Pity the Child again (I have the Murray Head version on my I-Pod) and it occurred to me that Freddie was probably taking the opportunity to [[CallingTheOldManOut vent his anger at his own father for abandoning him by taking it out on Anatoly.]] Freddie still comes across as a ManipulativeBastard, but [[JerkassWoobie a somewhat more sympathetic one.]] - TimeTravelerJessica