Fridge / Chaotic

Fridge Brilliance
  • Why is it that the only ones who seem to be able to separate Chaotic the game from the war in Perim are Tom and the others? Seems like they're the only exception to the Humans Are Bastards rule...until you realize that most of population in Chaotic are teenagers or kids, who probably don't really consider how serious the war is unless it affects them personally. Most humans that we've seen just go into Perim, get the scans, and get out before something has a chance to code them. Tom and the others are the only humans that we've seen so far that really dive in deep to the world of Perim, and actually make friends with the creatures that they're scanning. It's less Humans Are Bastards and more they haven't spent enough time to really understand Perim.
    • And it's not entirely their fault either. Most creatures are immediately suspicious of humans thanks to the actual bastards like Klay, Krystella, and those other four players destroying locations, giving the rest of humanity a bad name. Most people don't like to hang around people that don't trust them, especially when said people are actually big, scary and intimidating creatures that could easily kill them if they wanted to, and have tried to on multiple occasion.
  • I personally liked that the Phobia Masks in "Dual, Duel" showed us exactly what Chaor fears most is, Maxxor. It really goes a long way into explaining what really drives his character. It shows that Chaor isn't some evil monster out to harm the Overworld. He just does what he does because he's scared of what the Overworlders (espacially Maxxor) will do against his people. After all, we've seen many times that he cares for the sake of others just as much as Maxxor. Heck the guy doesn't even fight all that dirty (unless he's in a really tight spot). It's not hate but fear that's at the heart of the Chaor/Maxxor rivalry. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it.
  • Why does Chaor seem to have a soft spot for Kaz? It was established WAY before the show even began that Chaor was none too fond of humans, and would go to great lengths to avoid getting scanned. Yet Kaz seems to be an obvious pet favorite, he's able to get away with stuff that most humans, hell even most CREATURES, wouldn't. At first I thought it was because he was one of the main characters and ergo had invincibility, but then I realized something: Kaz is probably one of the only people in Chaotic and Perim who respects Chaor because he likes him, not because he's afraid of him. Remember when they first met and Kaz has a fanboy moment? Chaor actually looks surprised that someone, especially a small human kid, would think so highly of him. Even Agitos looks a bit taken aback, and he's Chaor's advisor for the love of Pete. The reason why Chaor likes Kaz is because Kaz isn't afraid of him.
  • Najarin explains that he doesn't let humans scan him because of the secrets he knows, and that they could put Tom in danger if anybody found out he knew. However, Tom's already proven resourceful and trustworthy, you'd think he'd be a bit more lenient. That is until you realize that he met Tom nearly TWO THOUSAND years before Tom even knew what Chaotic was. It's one thing to tell a secret, it's something completely else trying to explain how you met someone two thousand years before they met you.
  • At the end of "Perithon!" Kaz and Peyton have won the race after being swapped out of Yterio’s Komogo and into the winning vehicle due to a Mipedian. But that particular Mipedian happened to be Sobtjek, a very honorable Muge and friend to Najarin. I can't help but suspect that Sobtjek knew that Kaz and Peyton were the ones driving the Komogo. Since we never see Najarin do anything to stop the racers cheating, he just might have conspired with his fellow Muge to make sure that the only ones who won the race would be impartial, like say...two Chaotic players?
  • Why is it that in the Dromes players always call their attacks while in Perium its been seen that creatures can use attacks without calling them. Its most likely so the Drome will let them use the attack they call after checking the creature they are using can use it.

Fridge Horror
  • The attack Sleep Sting. In the episode 'Fallen Hero' Van-Bloot basically drugs Intress to use her as bait for Maxxor. After he seemingly offs Maxxor, she gets back up and then he threatens her with a double dose of Sleep Sting. It doesn't hit you until later but...doesn't that mean he technically threatened to overdose her?! On a kids show?!
  • The concept of the M'arrillians is pretty scary too. They can take over your mind and force you to do whatever they want and you can't do anything about it. They've even turned creatures on their own best friends, H'earring on Kaz then Kaz on Tom and then Tom, Sarah, and Peyton on Kaz. And it seems for the most part you don't have any memories of what you did while you were being controlled. That means that they could make you kill your own best friend and you wouldn't even know it until someone rescued you.
    • Not only that, but you literally couldn't trust anyone not to be secretly taken over by the M'arrillians, including yourself.
  • In some ways, the prospect of being infected with a Danian parasite is worse than M'arrillian mind control. When controlled by a M'arrillian the victim is still the same and can be freed relatively easily. But a Danian parasite actually transforms creatures, inside and out. And the transformation is not painless, if Tom's reaction in "Dangers of Diplomacy" was anything to go by.
    • There's also the fact that not only is it a horribly painful transformation, it's also like brain washing at its finest. As seen with Raznus, the creature that gets infected becomes a Danian in both mind and body. Their old life matters no more, everyone they held dear matters no more, now their only loyalty is to the Danians and their only goal in life is to serve Queen Illexia.
  • Maxxor's Sadistic Choice in Son of the Spiritlands. Either destroy the Sword of Khy'at, essentially killing Tangath-Toborn, his best friend, or let Bat'ogg destroy everything and everyone he holds dear. Ouch.
  • Cromaxx is Maxxor's cousin, a wild, vicious, and primal one to say the least. And its said he tried to kill The Codemaster who scanned him. Which makes you wonder, what if he has managed to kill any other people who tried to scan him? No wonder Crellan is the only one who has a scan of him...
  • Also the fact that in "Chasm Quest" Probascar fell off a cliff means that quite possibly now Crellan has the only scan of him now