Fridge / Broken Arrow

  • When Deak is making his immortal request, "Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons?" he isn't worried about the bombs exploding. Nuclear bombs operate via a fairly complex system of reactions, with all the components contained within the bomb. What he's really worried about is someone damaging the bomb to where it becomes useless, as at that point it cannot be used as a threat anymore. -Hyrin
    • True, which also leads to a bit of fridge logic regarding the whole mineshaft incident: Hale could simply have tossed both bombs down the shaft, and when they landed they'd end up smashed, too badly damaged to detonate. Drop, drive away, have dinner with the girl. Movie over. Of course it's possible that Hale didn't know that... but given the knowledge he demonstrates about the bombs, he really should have.