* This is most likely unintentional, but In BridgeToTerabithia, there is a scene where Jess contemplates whether [[spoiler: Leslie felt fear before she died]]. As a child, this seems sad, but silly as you accept the explanation by Jess' Father ([[spoiler: she hit her head, was knocked out and ''that's'' why she died - so she didn't have '''time''' for fear]] at face value. But after this troper read a couple of other books, and heard a couple of warnings about fast water, he think that actually, this explanation is improbable - [[spoiler: by such a high stand rocks would be too deep to hit when falling just a few meters]]. Far more likely is that [[spoiler: she was unable to reach the shore because of the current pull effect (current is fastest in the midlle, and anybody in water is drawn towards it) and that her limbs went numb from exhaustion and hypothermia (it was april and rain water is surely cold). So instead of a swift, almost painless death you get a long, hopeless struggle coupled with ''plenty'' of horror and despair.]] Good read.
* The story delves a bit into the theme of escapism and how playing make believe with Leslie helped Jesse ease into his life... [[spoiler:With her death, it leaves some to question if he would just stay holed up in Terabithia, hiding away in his imagination had his dad not come and reconciled with him]].
* Terabithia's creatures are full of this trope, but the Hairy Vultures have an interesting case; they're crude parodies of [[TheBully Gary Fulcher]], whose catchphrase is "dead meat". This adds to the perfection of them being ''vultures''. What better animal than a scavenger to have an affinity for dead meat?