Fridge / Bones

Fridge Logic
  • Bones fails to realize that reality TV doesn't really reflect reality. When Angela tries to explain this, Bones' response is, in essence, that it must be Exactly What It Says on the Tin. It's supposed to be a cute example of Bones' naivete. But anyone who has taken even Anthropology 101 (like this troper) learned about how people behave differently when they know they're being observed, and that's just when some academic type is sitting quietly to the side taking notes. Bones, as an anthropologist, should have realized that a camera and the prospect of fame and money would increase this effect by orders of magnitude.
  • Bones' blithe belief that nobody in the middle of a prison riot would hurt a pregnant woman, which Booth rightly points out is nonsensical. For one thing, there are enough prisoners in general population that may very well have been guilty of violence against women, even if they weren't convicted specifically for them, that betting on nobody being willing to take a shot at a pregnant woman is statistically unlikely. But even assuming that the entire riot was full of people who would never hit a woman (let alone a pregnant one) intentionally, riots are inherently chaotic melees. All you need is one person not aware of everything around them, and Bones very well could have received multiple hits. Plus, the guy she was chasing was in prison - they very well could have waited for the warden to get the riot under control before going after him, as it's not like he was going anywhere.

Fridge Brilliance
  • Seeley Booth's first name not only means "happy" but bears an uncanny resemblance to a German word for "soul"
  • Vincent's habit of spouting random facts as a blatant sign of his social awkwardness, does that remind you of anyone we know? No wonder Bones told him that he was her favorite intern when he was dying. The only real difference is that Vincent is far more blatant about it.
  • Somewhat a fridge Funny moment when you realize the naming of Christine Angela Booth. her first name means "Christian", her middle name means "angel", and her last name comes from her father who is deeply religious. And her mother is a proclaimed atheist.
  • Why does Brennan's subconscious pick Wendell as a symbol for Zack in the Season 11 finale? It's because Wendell was the intern present in "The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond", Zack's last appearance in real time. It also explains why Dream Wendell has a cigarette behind his ear: he had one in that episode too.

Fridge Horror
  • Rewatch ‘The Pain in the Heart.' Angela, Hodgins, and Zack are alone in the hospital room, Zack tries to tell them the truth about the explosion and Gormogon. Unfortunately they think he's delirious from pain and drugs, so they give him morphine and put him to sleep. If they had listened, the team wouldn't spend the rest of the episode accusing each other of being the apprentice, and they might not have lost their standing with theFBI.
    • Doubles as Fridge Brilliance when you remember that the evidence was pointing toward Hodgins at that point. The audience could easily believe that Zack has important evidence to share that may reveal Hodgins' role in the murders, but he's silenced by the morphine first.
  • Christine probably remembers every detail of the men sent after her and her brother by a vengeance killer after Booth killing the agents protecting her and injuring her grandpa. Here's hoping she copes with this in a healthy manner instead of snapping.