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Fridge: Bones
Fridge Brilliance
  • Seeley Booth's first name not only means "happy" but bears an uncanny resemblance to a German word for "soul"
  • Vincent's habit of spouting random facts as a blatant sign of his social awkwardness, does that remind you of anyone we know? No wonder Bones told him that he was her favorite intern when he was dying. The only real difference is that Vincent is far more blatant about it.
  • Somewhat a fridge Funny moment when you realize the naming of Christine Angela Booth. her first name means "Christian", her middle name means "angel", and her last name comes from her father who is deeply religious. And her mother is a proclaimed atheist.

Fridge Horror
  • Rewatch ‘Pain in the Heart.' Angela, Hodgins, and Zack are alone in the hospital room, Zack tries to tell them the truth about the explosion and Gormogon. Unfortunately they think he's delirious from pain and nightmares, so they give him morphine and put him to sleep. If they had listened, the team wouldn't spend the rest of the episode accusing each other of being the apprentice, and they might not have lost their standing with theFBI.

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