* There's been a bit of wank over berserk!Emilia being stronger than Gulcasa's Brongaa Knight form in ''VideoGame/YggdraUnion'', despite WordOfGod being that Gulcasa is the more powerful of the two--but if you think about it, Emilia is that stupidly powerful because she lost control of her powers. Despite how hard the world tries to break Gulcasa, he ''never loses control of his;'' if he had, he would have essentially been impossible to stop, but his HeroicWillpower is too strong for that.
* Medoute's introduction in the opening animation shows her fighting a dragon. To someone who doesn't know about her ancestry, it just looks like a show of her badassery, but then you hit chapter 6 and learn she's a descendant of Gill...
* What would have happened if Garlot had gone with Siskier and Jenon to investigate Balin's ship in the battlefield "Transport Raid Strategy"? He's already uncharacteristically quiet during the discussion of the dead Undine prisoners as it is, at least up until the topic changes from the Undines' deaths by abuse to why this happened in the first place. If he'd been exposed to something so potentially triggering firsthand, the seal on his blood might have started to break right then and there.
* WordOfGod has declared that Nessiah's real body has begun to rot. When he loses his transmigrated body and the reservoir of power that helps him transmigrate quickly in route C, this means that he will be returned to that rotting body, [[ImmortalityHurts unable to die]]--and if he can even still transmigrate at all, creating a new body is going to take a while. Also remember Nessiah's mental instability at this point of the story. [[BodyHorror Thanks for that, Yasui.]]