Fridge / Black Hole High

  • Fridge Logic: In "Pheremones," Victor Pearson forces Principal Durst to postpone the student elections (and wants them cancelled permanently), because Josie's campaign platform included having a student on the board of trustees. He says he can't let that happen. Instead of cancelling the elections, which Durst says will incite suspicion and rebellion (and she's probably right), why not just make a rule that students aren't allowed on the board of trustees?
    • Because that would have been majorly suspicious, and Victor didn't have a real reason beyond it interfering with his nefarious plans. The idea was fundamentally a huge bonus for the kids and didn't provide much of a downside for anyone but him. Even with his power, getting that rule passed would have been suspicious and difficult.
  • Fridge Horror: Just what exactly DID happen to the Science Teacher from the first episode and the episode "Tesseract"?