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Fridge: Beyond Good & Evil
Fridge Brilliance
  • At the risk of sounding like a Single Fandom Wonk, I initially hated the second sidekick, Double H, from Beyond Good & Evil. He wasn't as funny as the other main sidekick, Pey'j, his personality seemed to consist of nothing but "CARLSON AAAAND PEETERSSSSS!", and Suspiciously Similar Substitutes never go over well. But by the end of the game, I'd grown to like him a lot—and then I realized that we, as the players, see him as Jade sees him. When she first meets him, a combination of Easy Amnesia and the fact that they're trapped behind enemy lines means that only his "soldier side" shows through, so of course he comes off as strange and obsessed. As the game goes on, and Jade spends time with him, both we and her learn more of his personality, and he becomes more affable. By the Final Boss, the two of them are willing to give their lives for one another, and we players have come to like him too. The organic way the game builds their relationship means that the players come to trust him in much the same fashion Jade does. Freezair For A Limited Time

Fridge Horror
  • In Beyond Good & Evil the Alpha Sections have a tank on their backs that is considered their weak point. When you learn that the Alpha Sections are infected by the DomZ, and that the Alpha Sections are kidnapping the Hillyans in order to survive, and seeing how the Hillyans are used at the end of the game makes you wonder what's in those tanks...

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