Fridge: Beyblade

Fridge Brilliance
  • One thing that always struck me as odd in the third season was how Tyson/Takao freaked out over how his teammates all left. I chalked it up to Ho Yay, but at some point, I thought about his home life: his mom died, his dad is always away on work, and his brother left years earlier, and the only family that's constantly there for him is his loving, but slightly insane grandfather. To make a long story short, it wouldn't surprise me if Tyson has some abandonment issues. — Animenutcase
  • During the BEGA arc, Boris shows off how powerful BEGA is by having his bladers, specifically Garland and Brooklyn, literally tear apart their competition. However, the only bladers that are tortured are Spencer, Bryan, Tala, and Kai, all bladers that used to work under him. He wasn't just showcasing BEGA's bladers, he was punishing his old subordinates!
  • The fact Carlos, the first of Takao's opponents, has Kid Dragoon (or at least a custom including its distinctive Upper Dragoon attack ring with Kid Dragoon's colours) as the first known beyblade makes sense both competitively/meta and with the name. On the competitive and meta level, it shows he knows what he's doing but isn't a champion (that attack ring is part of a pair of rather useful customs, but even in the early plastic generation there were many better beyblades, both pre-packaged and customs), and overcoming him (through smarts and not force to boot) is Takao's first step on the road to championship. On the name, it's Kid Dragoon, and defeating that beyblade means Takao is growing up from kiddie level.