Fridge / Bee Movie

Fridge Horror
  • In one scene, the main character bee, Barry, says "Gonna go drain the stinger" or something along those lines. That's creepy enough. But it gets worse when the other bee stings the fat guy in the courtroom. When Mr. Main Character Bee asks him what it was like to sting someone, he answers: "It was like your adrenaline pumping like crazy, and then... ecstasy." Considering that fact that stingers had ALREADY been hinted at as being something... (ahem) more than stingers, this just gets even creepier. Plus, he stung that dude in the BUTT.
    • ...aren't bees supposed to die after they sting someone?
      • Actually, the reason he didn't die was because they replaced it with a cocktail sword before it was too late.
      • They're supposed to be female, too, so don't worry too much about it.
  • Near the end of the movie, a large amount of bees form a black-and-yellow target for Barry to land the plane on. One can only imagine how many bees were crushed by the plane's wheels...
    • Actually, if you look closely, you can see the bees move out of the way of the landing gear before they touch the ground. So don't worry.
  • This might not entirely fall under Fridge since its blatantly pointed out in the movie (along with "the evils of humanity" being slightly exaggerated) but in-universe at least bees are sentient world wide, and either raised in captivity constantly being drugged for their honey (kept bees) or the majority of a colony being to afraid to leave the hive for fear of getting swatted or stepped on, the amount of abuse Barry goes through throughout the film as well any hit hard enough to do serious damage would likely have them suffer a slow, agonizing death.
  • Barry sues humanity, and the bees are no longer enslaved, yay! ...Except that was solely an American court - which means bees across the world are still being enslaved, drugged, kept on honey farms, and forced to spend their entire lives creating honey.

Fridge Brilliance
  • It has been pointed out that almost all the male bee's have "buzz" cuts. Also if you take note of all the female bee's hair, they also tend to have the same 50's hairstyle which was commonly known as... a beehive.