Fridge / Battle Royale

Fridge Brilliance
  • Virtually all the students have handicaps since they haven't had much sleep. To be specific:
    • Hiroki was stabbed in the arm and shot in the leg before fighting Kiriyama.
  • When you realize that Kiriyama fought in The Program while wearing a bullet proof vest that weighs him down. -Mokona Zero
    • The vest does slow him down, but it also protects him from most of the damage he took so it was a trade off which shouldn't count. In the manga, Hiroki would have killed him if he hadn't had it on and his film and novel versions he would have killed by Mitsuko.
    • Also it should be noted, since he's an Empty Shell, he wasn't even trying.
Fridge Horror
  • In the novel, just image the kids Shogo had to kill... and he still kept his sanity.
  • The realization that The Program has been around for years, meaning that hundreds of children have gone through the same thing.
  • If you win The Program, they expect you to live life as though you didn't slaughter your classmates.
  • In the novel, Sakamochi tells his superior his wife is expecting their third child, as they are eager to fight the dwindling youth in the country. Pause. Think. Despite being the cause of said dwindling youth, the country wants more kids. They are encouraging people to have kids that may end up in The Program.