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Fridge: BB Senshi Sangokuden
Fridge Brilliance
  • The use of 'style names' from Three Kingdoms has been discreetly lampshaded - there's an overabundance of characters that simply have 'Gundam' tagged behind their proper names, but fans of the franchise will be able to identify them as Sonken GP03 , Sousou Double X, Kochu RX-178 and so on. Just as 'style names' were intended.
  • With the conclusion of the toy comics, the animated series Brave Battle Warriors looks set to be based on an in-universe retelling commissioned by Kyou-I F91, which would make the series a Dramatisation of the official continuity the same way the Three Kingdoms novel was to actual history!
    • Casting all civilians (in both genders even) and Butaihei soldiers as the same RGM-79 archetype becomes a little less egregious when you realise that this is exactly how Butaihei soldiers are supposed to come about; by drafting civilians into (presumably) co-ed armed forces.
    • From the Gaiden sidestory, the Insufferable Genius Bashoku Gundam is a remold of the Strike Gundam from the equally polarizing Gundam SEED.

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