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Fridge: Atop the Fourth Wall

Fridge Brilliance

  • In the review of Ultimates Three, during the discussion of the robot uprising, Linkara complains about how the robots in question are incompetent. However, that's actually Mechakara. When he says the robots aren't up to snuff, he's speaking from personal experience.
  • Doctor Insano is the resident Harmless Villain, doesn't have the same continuity as the other villains, and has gotten less important as the plot's progressed. However, all the major Big Bads (Mechakara, Lord Vyce, The Entity, even Linksano if you wanna count him) have come to our world from alternate universes... something that only became possible due to Insano's interference with hypertime, which caused the boundaries between universes to weaken. Insano is not only a Not-So-Harmless Villain but really, indirectly responsible for every terrible thing in the plot to date.
  • "You've seen my bones before" suddenly makes a whole lot more sense once you know the Entity is Missingno, and it's explained in the Electric Tale of Pikachu. When Linkara was a kid, he didn't see the original form of Missingno, he saw the Skeletal form of Kabutops (because his player name was "Lewis", which can produce that outcome.) Literally, he HAS seen his bones before.
    • "Beneath the seas, beside the flame", The location where Missingno spawns, near Cinnabar Island, home of the Fire gym.
    • "Off the coast where the lost beast came", The lost beast in this case is either Missingno or Mewtwo, most likely Missingo due to one of it's end credits messages ("The lost beast has found a home.")
      • Also, in order to catch Missingno in the game you have to go up and down the coastline.
    • "To bring the world misery and shame" As a glitch Pokémon, finding Missingno is detrimental to your game.
    • "A piece of the world is missing" As Linkara pointed out, it's not missing as "a piece of the world is gone", it's missing as in "Missing, he is a piece of the world", which also points to the fact that He Was Right There All Along
    • "The path you should have never crossed" As a glitch Pokémon, you're not supposed to find Missingno. You can only find him by actively seeking him out.
    • "The beast exacts a heavy cost" In his Eureka Moment Linkara said "Heaviest Po-". He was going to say "Heaviest Pokémon", which to most people is Missingno. There are glitch Pokémon still heavier, but the game actually has to be hacked to encounter them.
      • It could also refer to the fact that catching Missingno will result in your game to crash, thus you must start a new game. Hence, heavy cost.
    • "The number of the beast is lost" Missingno's number is 000, and zero is nothing. Also to say that the number is lost is the same as to say it is a Missing Number. Not to mention that since Missingno was absent from the later games, it lost its number.
    • "You will know it by its hissing" Missingno's cry is unique in all series, a "blank" cry composed of a Nidoran♂'s cry with a pitch of 0 and no echo
    • "The bones of Hell you cannot tame" Two of the possible forms of Missingno are the skeletons of Kabutops and Aerodactyl, which in normal conditions are forms of Pokémon you cannot capture.
    • "Devour your life and all your fame" Missingno can corrupt your save file, as well as your Hall Of Fame entry
      • This is why the review glitches were heaviest during the end credits prior to its introduction: they are a Hall of Fame of sorts for the people involved in the review production!
    • "That is the price to play its game" That is what happens if you really want to find Missingno in Pokémon
      • This is also an explicit hint that the Entity is a character in a video game.
    • "And all while you're reminiscing" He comes from something we recall from our childhoods.
  • Also relating to The Entity: It had been disguising itself as '90s Kid. When did the games Missigno came from come out?
  • Also relating to The Entity: How does Linkara finally discover that '90s Kid is the Entity? Because he used the word 'heavy'... '80s slang
  • Also relating to The Entity: He figured out the entity is Missingno. Because 90s!Entity used the word heavy. Missingno. is the heaviest Pokemon.
    • This could also explain the "I'm not that thin" message and why Linkara had been making jabs at his own weight in several consecutive episodes prior to the Silent Hill comic reviews in 2011- not only is Missingno the heaviest Pokemon, it's also taking 90's Kid's form, and since he looks identical to Linkara- who's a bit on the heavy side- he's "not that thin!"
  • At first the connection between Silent Hill and Pokémon seems tenuous at best but considering MissingNo is a glitch himself perhaps Silent Hill is represented in the Entity's universe as Glitch City.
    • Not to mention that Silent Hill and the Entity are video game data. It makes sense that the Entity contacts something made of the same structure as it before contacting physical reality.
    • It might also help that Pokemon once dabbled a bit into psychological horror in the form of Molly, in which in Linkara (+Jew Wario and Suede) commented on saying that the movie's pretty much became Silent Hill. Perhaps it served a bond between the two.
  • Way back in Linkara's review of "Adamantium Rage", he wins the fight against Insano by using cheat codes. And what can cheat codes get you? A glitched up game and Missingno.
  • Why is Mirror-Universe Pollo Tom Servo? In this universe, Rob Liefeld is legitimately talented, so perhaps their equivalent of Mystery Science Theater 3000 used cheap props. This means that Linkara would use a good puppet to distinguish himself from them.
    "As with the films that they riff on, MST3K was economical. Everything, right down to the sets, props and robots are made from household items found at thrift shops."
    • In other words, the robots were ALREADY cheap props.
      • Besides, Rob Liefeld's talent wasn't brought up, just his delays. And since Mirror-Linkara is just nuts, it makes SENSE why he'd praise him.
  • Knowing that the Entity is Missingno explains why Linkara's IAAM Punch affected it when weapons didn't. The IAAM Punch is the equivalent of the Mega Punch, an attack from the Pokemon games, not the weapons. Seems Magic A Is Magic A with the Entity.
    • Plus it was a punch. Since the Bird typing is an empty value, the Entity/Missingno is functionally a Normal type. Meaning it's weak to Fighting types. This could also be why Linkara beat the Entity-it had a type disadvantage!
    • It also explains why the poem reminded people of something they couldn't place Linkara's played the actual games before, thus remembers learning about Missingno, but it was so long ago he only barely does.
  • Lord Vyce said he tried to warn other universes about the Entity, but they didn't believe him. Why? Who would believe that a glitch from a video game was eating people?
  • At first, the Entity's cry, "Huuuumaaaaan..." was freaking scary, but made little sense to me, I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a threat or not, and how it'd work if it was... then it hit me... The entity is Missingno. A Pokémon. What else would a Pokemon say if it took a human form?
  • Harvey knew what the poem meant. It was also shown he plays Pokemon in the Anita Blake review. He seems to have played it more recently, so of course he would remember Missingno.
  • Linkara has stated his arcs and his villains are meant to seem like nerdy things he enjoys. Mechakara was Power Rangers and Lord Vyce was Doctor Who. Now, remember what comics both of these arcs ended on?
  • That mysterious "Go back to the source" line makes a lot of sense with the reveal that the entity is Missingno, a glitch Pokemon. What to you do to get rid of glitches in a program? Go back to the source code and fix the bad strings.
  • Linkara's last tweet before the post of the Entity saga finale was a link to a William Shatner music video. This could actually be seen as a clever bit of foreshadowing to how Linkara beats the Entity in the end. He uses James T. Kirk's most-used method of defeating evil computer programs: confusing them into submission! Though, this may just be a coincidence, as the in-universe inspiration for the idea was Linkara remembering the events of the previous review.
  • It might seem weird that Pyramid Head can be caught by a Pokeball. But since we now know that the one that appeared in this comic was under the service of a Pokemon, it makes a bit more sense.
  • The reason the Silent Hill in the comics is so not Silent Hilly, is because it isn't the real Silent Hill, it's the one in Scott Ciencin's comics.
  • The way Linkara defeats The Entity is a major one. First off, he gives The Entity a flaw in his master plan, which caused it to go haywire. In other words, he gave a calculated error an error to it's calculations. Next, he kills him by giving it fridge logic, which is what he used through out the comic he reviewed. It's so ironic.
    • It also makes a lot of sense. Missingno isn't supposed to be part of the gameplay; you aren't supposed to train it. The only reason it's there is filler. Simply put, Missingno has no purpose beyond simply existing. This is why it had no plan beyond consuming all: it was never supposed to.
  • Linkara used confuse ray. Missingno. became confused. Missingno. hurt itself in its confusion.
    • Alternatively, Missingno. used self destruct!.
      • And the reason why everything returned to normal? Missingno used Heal Pulse!
    • An earlier example: Linkara used I Am a Man punch. It's Super Effective!
      • Linkara's punch would be regarded as a Fighting move. Missingno is functionally a Normal type.
    • How did The Entity disguise itself as 90s Kid? It used its Illusion Ability! (as for how it got it, Missingno probably used a Game Shark to hack it from a Zoroark/absorbed Pokemon Black And White).
  • Word of God says the other glitches are different forms of the Entity. This makes sense, considering they serve the same purpose: as filler data.
  • Why did the Entity go to the trouble of hiding in the background and get others to do its dirty work, if its clearly powerful enough to wipe out everyone? Missingno may have high attack, but it's defenses are abysmal. It's simply keeping safe.
  • It seems odd that a video game glitch could manifest in this show, much less be an Eldritch Abomination. But remember-this takes place in the same universe as The Angry Video Game Nerd, where video games affect reality often. A video game glitch appearing would be quite plausible.
  • A lesser bit of Fridge Brilliance: shortly before the Vyce saga ended, Lewis was chatting via Skype on Lord Kat's stream. The guys in the call were trying to guess how the ending of the story would play out; one of them joked, "90s Kid will defeat him!" Lewis became quiet for a moment, and then said, "Well...90s Kid plays a part in it." At the time, people in the chat assumed that Lewis was only referring to 90s Kid's role in defeating Lord Vyce; now, however...
  • Fridge Funny regarding the viral side of the Entity's attacks - of course the Fourth Wall couldn't protect the viewers. This is ATOP The Fourth Wall.
  • Sort of Fridge Brilliance on this one. I always wondered why Lewis never involved Liz in the show more. Linkara's a character who's incredibly prone to badass, heroic speeches, so it always seemed weird to me that he never did like a "THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND, AND YOU WILL NOT HARM HER — DO YOU HEAR ME!?" thing to any of the villains. It was always very underplayed compared to show's usual over-the-top approach to most things. But as their eventual breakup (and some fans' extremely inappropriate reactions toward her for it) went to show, it was probably a very good idea not to mix business with your personal life too much.
  • Vyce has the ability to become data. It may seem odd, but remember, he's from a Pokemon game. Meaning, technically, he's already data.
    • Technically that last part hasn't been confirmed, but it would make the whole thing even more awesome.
    • Jossed: Vyce stated that in becoming pure data, he became the very thing he hated most. Clearly, that is not his natural form.
      • He said he became pure data. He may have been data, but said data was set to an NPC or even the character that Vyce originally was. Pure data likely refers to data not limited to a program. Missingno wasn't an official part of the game, and thus made of a different kind of data from Vyce.
  • Speaking of Vyce's Bizarre Alien Biology, him not surviving in our universe makes a hell of a lot of sense during the Entity's reveal. Lord Vyce comes from a video game. How is a person made of data supposed to exist in our physical reality?
  • Why is Lord Vyce such a dangerous villain? Because he uses both science and magic, just like Linkara. Vyce's shades are a combination of robotics and magic showing his skill in both areas. Linkara also uses both magic (Magic Gun, his spell book, etc.) and science (Pollo, Nimue, etc.). This is also why Linkara has little difficulty with most of his enemies. Dr. Insano and Dr. Linksano both focused on science and the Silent Hill cult and the Gunslinger both focused on magic. Since they rely on just one of the two, it makes them weak in the other field allowing Linkara to one-up them. Lord Vyce however doesn't have this weakness since he specializes in both and requires more strategic thinking. The same can be said about the entity since it's Missing No, a computer glitch, with god-like powers.
  • In a summer 2012 episode Holokara says "There is no one who can stop me!"- the exact same words Linkara used before losing his powers. This is followed by Linkara appearing with his powers returned. This was also foreshadowed by what Linkara told Pollo right before he left on his quest:
    Linkara: I'm comin' back. And when I do, everything will be ok.
  • In the review of One More Day, Ask That Guy claims to be the Devil. Considering that the Nostalgia Critic has effectively become God after the events To Boldly Flee, who else would become the Devil in the Awesomeverse?
    • Sage?
      • No one. As of The Nostalgia Critic's Son of the Mask review, where the Devil was played by Malcolm Ray, he took to Twitter and stated that the Awesomeverse Devil takes many forms.
  • The Nostalgia Critic being the Ghost of Christmas Past makes perfect sense. What do you call a longing for the past? Nostalgia!
  • Harvey Finevoice almost never calls Linkara by his name; he is always "the kid." In the review of Archie's Christmas Stocking, Harvey accidentally refers to Linkara as Charlie. He equates Linkara so closely with his dead son that it's likely he sticks with "Kid" to keep himself from slipping up and using the wrong name.
  • Also on the subject of Harvey, the Entity arc revealed that he plays Pokemon, which seemed like a bit of an oddity for a jaded middle-aged lounge singer. But knowing now that Harvey had a child who died, his reasons for playing seem much, much stronger and much, much sadder.
  • Linkara's slow descent into evil is because of his Pride. Linkara has frequently stated that if your name sounds like anything, you will become a supervillain. Linkara's last name is Lovhaug. Love hog.
  • When asked about the status of the next History of the Power Rangers episode in the Power Rangers' Christmas crossover with Obscurus Lupa, Linkara stated that he was "Atop the Fourth Wall Linkara" and "Atop the Fourth Wall Linkara" did not recognize that show's existence. This makes sense because the Linkara character from AT 4 W wouldn't have time for secondary shows like H ot PR with his need to make magical devices, rebuild Pollo, increase the security of his apartment and repeatedly save the world.
  • While Linkara's attempt to talk Holokara out of wanting to use threats and murder to solve problems with comic book writing might seem odd given how it has both of the treating comic books as Serious Business and bringing up the whole "murder" issue, but really Holokara is clearly out of his mind, trying to use that form of reasoning with him is clearly futile.
  • In Todd in the Shadows' review of "S&M" by Rihanna, there is a brief cutaway gag where 90s Kid is put in charge by The Other Guy of reviewing music. He asks, "Dude, what the heck is a Ree-hanna?" At a glance, this is easily just 90s Kid being 90s Kid. However, this review was released in May 2011, a couple of months after Linkara's KISS Comics #1 review, the earliest known point where The Entity possessed 90s Kid. Therefore, it makes sense that 90s Kid, as ditzy as he is, wouldn't be familiar with a famous modern-day singer—because The Entity isn't familiar with her.
  • In the April Fools Atop the Lightbulb: Target $20 Lamp Review Linkara mentions that his favourite color shade is the green one.
  • In the Star Trek: TNG/X-Men crossover Linkara, wearing a Star Fleet admiral's uniform, announced that he was an admiral now and that he "could do that". As the only person shown on the Awesomeverse Earth to have a Starship at his command Linkara himself basically constitutes his reality's Star Fleet and thus would be in a position to declare himself admiral.
  • In the Tandy Whiz Kids: A Deadly Choice review, he questions why he's holding a Weedle plushie. Why a Weedle, of all things? He was originally known as PsyWeedle when he wrote fanfiction.
  • During his BSOD, Jaeris watched The Great Dictator. Why that movie of all others? He came from a world where preventive measures towards Copyright Infringement got so out of control it turned into a Big Brother style society. The only films that would be watchable without repercussions would be public domain movies.
  • Just had a Fridge Brilliance about Margaret. In one review Linkara notices she has blue in her hair and Margaret says she can control how she looks. Seeing as the actress looks older than she is and the age she's meant to be she could have easily made herself look older, maybe because she didn't want to look so young in front of Linkara.
  • When 90s Kid proved that Everyone Has Standards by being legitimately shocked at Superboy-Prime vaporizing a pregnant woman, it made me realize that the people he usually gushes over were NinetiesAntiHeroes, who he viewed through a lens of Rule of Cool and Testosterone Poisoning. Superboy-Prime, on the other hand, was a Nineties VILLAIN, who, in order to make the Anti-Heroes relatively protagonistic, had to routinely pull Kick the Dog stunts that, in most other comics and stories, would seem like a total Moral Event Horizon.
  • In the Silent Hill Dead/Alive review, Linkara is utterly gleeful at the prospect of harm coming to Christabella, a character he loathes. Fair enough. But while he's enjoying the prospect of a fictional little girl being hurt, Mechakara is Gaslighting him into believing he tortured a REAL little girl to death. That plot didn't just coincide with the Silent Hill reviews because a horror plot should go with horror comics. The reviews helped it happen.
  • When Linkara loses his magic in the "Gun and Sorcery" arc, the magical items he's taken from other people still work. The only exception is the Magic Gun, which stubbornly refuses to work even though it was definitely not made by Linkara. No one in-universe comments on it, but in hindsight it's kind of a heavy hint that Margaret's responsible.

Fridge Horror

  • Knowing what the Entity is, there's a definite possibility that a Pokemon universe, possibly even the original, totally unprepared or unaware of Missingno, was consumed by it.
    • This could be the reason they updated the games!
    • Not only that, but take it in fact that Missingno is, as far as glitches go, the weakest of the Glitch Pokémon. If Missingno is basically Poké-Chtullu in the Channel Awesome-verse, what about the others? I mean, if there is a Pokémon God, is it a stretch to say there are Pokémon Elder Gods?
      • Imagine what kind of damage M'Block, Female Symbol or ''the BAD EGG could do. Or Giratina for that matter...
      • According to Linkara, all the other glitches are just different forms of Missingno; extenstions of it, if you will, which actually does make alot of sense, or at least simplifies the whole "Glitch Pokémon" concept.
    • Come to think about it, if the Entity came from Lord Vyce's home dimension, could Vyce be a Pokemon character?
      • Worse, Vyce may not be some random NPC. He clearly knows a lot about the Entity. Tell me, what character would have full access to Missingno's home of the coast of Cinnabar Island?
    • For some meta Fridge Horror, how many of you have actually caught Missingno in your game file? How many of you still have it?
    • If Missingno can cross over with the Channel Awesome universe, then theoretically any Pokemon character. This means that the likes of destructive Pokemon like Hydreigon and terrifying villains like Ghetsis Harmonia not only exist, but could theoretically cross-over. Made worse with Giratina , who already has the power to travel between dimensions.
      • Except Giratina prefers to stay in it's own dimension, its not likely to come over, unless provoked
    • If a mere placeholder glitch in is capable of becoming a reality-devouring Eldritch Abomination, imagine what would happen if a virulent and potent virus like Melissa got whatever made Missingno the Entity
  • If you recall, Linksano said he had fled to our dimension because he saw Lord Vyce coming. That means all of those characters from Spoony's "Party Mania" review are captured, or possibly dead.
    • Linksano hasn't tried to return home, despite the fact that (as far as we know) his brother is still there. Was he afraid of what he might find?
      • Well, actually his brother isn't there. There are two Schlumper Brothers, and one of them became Linksano. The other one became Doctor Insano (in at least one of Insano's many backstories), who is shown to be in the Awesomeverse.
      • He's that universe's Doctor Insano, not this one's.
  • The Entity has addressed the viewers several times during the credits. Linkara's the only one left that the Entity didn't grab. The viewers, meaning us, have all been taken by the Entity.
    • No, AT 4 W takes place in the Channel Awesome universe, I.E. where all of the reviewers are. We live in our universe. The Entity hasn't attacked our universe, just the Channel Awesome universe.
      • The reviewers exist in a universe parallel to ours, complete with copies of ourselves. Therefore, we haven't been taken, but our AU!selves have.
      • Considering that To Boldly Flee reveals that a plot hole connects the Awesomeverse to reality, "our" universe might have been next.
  • There's something even more horrible here that I just thought of. Think about the last time you see Red in Gold and Silver, atop a mountain, training alone, having the strongest pokemon any trainer has (before newer generations came). He's training to be the best in that universe... Vyce is a broken Red.
  • So Linkara killed the Entity. Wouldn't that mean it would try to absorb the afterlife?
    • Made worse in that it happened almost right after a rant about ghost pokemon.
      • Then again, when pokemon die, they become a ghost type, with those specific abilities. So even if the Entity revives as a ghost, it'll be stuck with those powers as opposed to what it had.
      • Then again, keep in mind that since the Entity is Missing No, besides that famous "l-block" shape, another known form of it is a ghost.
      • And the ghost that one of Missingno's sprites copies? It can't be fought in battle without a Silph Scope or captured. Linkara probably doesn't have a Silph Scope. SWEET DREAMS.
  • When the Entity is defeated, everyone reappears. Obscurus Lupa mentions how odd it is that she released a video while being trapped. This could imply that everyone captured by the Entity was aware of the outside world, yet could do nothing. In the case of the 90s Kid, a year. Or in the case of Vyce's homeworld, years.
  • Listen Closely after Linkara asks if they want to go do something Pokemon related, and you can hear Linksano say he has A level 255 Mewtwo, which can be gotten by doing the Entity Glitch. Add That Dude in the Suede off to do the very same glitch, And you've got some pretty heavy Fridge Horror.
  • Invoked by Linkara in his review of Superman #701 by pointing out that having a child deliver a message from him to the drug dealers he'd just pissed off would get killed.
  • In the Bimbos BC crossover with The Cinema Snob 90's Kid walks off with Eighties Dan. Little did Dan know that 90's Kid was possessed by The Entity at that time.
  • Linkara mentioned a few times that if your name sounds like something, you will become a supervillain. His real name is Lewis Lovhaug. Lovhaug. Love hog. This also doubles as Fridge Brilliance.
  • So, at the end of The Thing from Another World storyline, Harvey has to leave because he can't handle wanting to shoot Linkara. Bad enough, but then the next arc reveals that Harvey strongly identifies Linkara with his son, whose death Harvey has never really recovered from. In other words, in Harvey's mind he was threatening to kill his dead child. No wonder he couldn't cope.
  • So Holokara planned to threaten to murder everyone in Marvel and DC comics if they refused to submit to his forced changes. If Linkara didn't stop him, he probably would have blown something else up to show he wasn't bluffing, causing mass death due to the panic from an orbital bombardment, and he'd probably go and murder a lot of people that had nothing to do with the industry when they tried to stop him.
    • Speaking of Holokara, the reason for his Face-Heel Turn was because Linkara was turning evil, but unlike him didn't realise this until it was too late. The fact that our hero would've been just like Holokara is horrifying in and of itself, but that's not the Fridge Horror. The true Fridge Horror is that Holokara was stopped by Linkara, meaning that if Linkara really turned evil, then the same thing wouldn't work on him and there'd be nobody to stop him.
      • Well they failed to stop Holokara because he's immune to bullets and lasers. It would be no less horrible to picture Linkara die under sustained fire from 90's Kid with the gattling gun and Harvey with his tommy gun.
  • Spoilers for the DVD: In the Amazing Ghost Stories review's flashback, we see that Linkara got the Magic Gun from a crazy guy who ran up to him, giggling uncontrollably, and doing all sorts of weird things before handing the gun to Linkara before running away, screaming "FREE AT LAST!". At first, it just seems like a weird Anti-Climax, considering how long fans have been waiting to see this. But then you remember the events of the Silent Hill Dead/Alive reviews...
  • Linkara's magic can make any toy real using a magic enchantment, which is why he can use morphers and sonic screwdriver. You could bring any toy to life, no matter how lethal the fictional weapon is-this includes the Infinity Gauntlet.
    • I don't know if I'd go THAT far. The Infinity Gauntlet is powered by the Infinity Gems and makes the person's omnipotence limited to its own universe. And while, sure, it'd make the wearer virtually god-like, we've seen that Linkara's magic gun was ineffective against The Entity or Lord Vyce Assuming that the same magic in the gun is the same as the spell book he used to protect his house and enchant his toys, I'd imagine that the magic can make the Gauntlet and the gems, only as powerful as the magic itself can MAKE them.
  • Look back at Margaret's backstory and all of the horrible things that happened to her to turn her into the Magic Gun. Got that? Now look at Evil!Margaret and the fact that she volunteered for all of that. How crazy is that woman?
  • In the Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: Fit to Win review, you can see briefly the Fit to Win booth helmed by the kids with the name of their town: Coastal City. Is that the same as Coast City? Did Alec and Shana die when Hank Henshaw and Mongul destroy the town? Did their deaths drive Hal Jordan insane and push him to murder the entire Green Lantern Corps after merging with Parallax?
  • What in the name of Jesus H. Christ did the King of Worms see in Linkara's soul that prompted that... Mind Screw of a scene... At first, it seems like he got a look at the real world (after seeing an image of the Plot Hole)... and then Lewis starts laughing. And then things got worse. Just what did he see to prompt that?
    • Even better, whatever it is, the bigger question is why is that in Linkara's soul?
  • Why is 90s Kid working with Lord Vyce? And for how long?
    • In the review of "The Culling, Part 4: Teen Titans #9", after Linkara and Pollo leave the room, 90's Kid looks through and takes the Absent Grimoire. Was that when he started working for Vyce?
      • Keep in mind, that was the first time we heard of the Lord of Worms...

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