Fridge / Art Garfunkel

Fridge Horror
  • "Bright Eyes" sung by Art Garfunkel (written by Mike Batt for Watership Down) is not just a rather trippy song about dying — particularly the near-death experience in the movie of Hazel. It references the rabbit disease "White Blindness" or Myxamatosis, the main symptom of which is conjunctivitis (painful, runny eyes and swollen eye area, often hurts to blink) and swelling in the head and face until the eyes are eventually swollen shut. The final line of the bridge also references the moment of death, as rabbit eyes cloud over within seconds of death.
    Bright eyes,
    Burning like fire.
    Bright eyes,
    How can you close and fail?
    How can the light that burned so brightly
    Suddenly burn so pale?
    Bright eyes