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Fridge: Arkham Asylum: Living Hell
  • Fridge Brilliance: During Dr. Carver's montage of speaking with Arkham inmates, the Riddler calls her "my deer girl." Typo? Or is Riddler aware that "Dr. Carver" is actually Jane DOE?
    • Issue four gives further evidence to Riddler knowing that Dr. Carver is actually Jane Doe, in the form of a riddle written with soapy water seen during the scene where Cash has Riddler pinned against the wall in the shower. It reads 'Who got out by getting ahead?'
    • Somewhat less subtly, practically all of Dr. Carver's narration and behavior in the first issue takes on a different meaning once you know it's really Jane Doe disguised as Carver.
  • Fridge Horror: Once you learn what Doodlebug's paint is made of, that scene from his prior escape, while initially little more than weird, becomes absolutely terrifying.

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