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Fridge: Animal House
  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • Lecturing his class on Paradise Lost, Mr. Jennings asks if "Milton was trying to tell us that being bad is more fun than being good?" He then immediately bites into an apple. It's a wonderfully subtextual gag.
    • On the road trip Otter stops by the women's college to score dates for himself and Boon, Pinto and Flounder, and bluffs his way in by claiming to be a recently killed girl's "fiance". He guilt-trips the dead girl's roommate into making out with him in the car, where she drops a hint that she and the dead girl were more than friends and that the roommate is using Otter for "grief sex".
  • Fridge Horror: If you pay close attention to the chronology of the movie, the parade at the climax of the movie starts at exactly the same time (to the MINUTE) that President Kennedy is being assassinated in Dallas. Various aspects of the assassination are parodied in the parade floats. Could also file this under Getting Crap Past the Radar or Refuge in Audacity.
    • The exact same time a year earlier.

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