* In ''The Dark Knight Returns'', Bruce laments the death of Jason Todd, and decides to take Carrie Kelly under his wing (no pun intended). Dick Grayson, Age Twelve, may be the reason why Bruce actually develops some humanity to his other Robins.
* The whole story could be viewed as Frank Miller sitting down and going "would actually happen if a rich 8 year old boy mentally never grew up after his parents died in front of him and became obsessed with his 8 year old ideals of justice and law?" Going so far as to become a vigilante, believing the cops are either too inept or corrupt. Notice how he acts towards Grayson when he wants to impress him, like a kid showing another kid his favorite toys. Notice how impulsive and child like he is? Because he's still Bruce Wayne, Age Eight, crying for his mom and dad, but they won't come.

* As pointed out in [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Linkara's]] review, he points out that Crazy Steve sounded like he was going to kidnap Dick Grayson (Age Twelve) regardless of his parents being alive.
** Not just that - Linkara also points out that Crazy Steve sounds like he was so desperate to get Dick to become his ward, that he would have ''killed the boy's parents himself if the assassin hadn't beat him to it''.
* Linkara also pointed out that we never see Crazy Steve giving Hal Jordan his ring back. Crazy Steve with a Green Lantern ring...oh dear...
** If you look at how Bruce reacts to becoming Green Lantern in the elsewords [[http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/marvel_dc/images/8/80/Green_Lantern_Darkest_Knight_009.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100529173519 In Darkest Knight]]... It's pretty close.
*** Horror made real when combined with the above FridgeBrilliance that Bruce is mentally age 8, have no fear, too dedicated, inability to work with others, and no qualm to kill people: give this boy the Green lantern ring and you have Dawnbreaker. Give Crazy Steve speedforce and you have Red Death. Give him Atlatean gene and you have The Drowned. Give him the helmet of Ares and you have Merciless. Inject him (or Earth -1 Batman) give a swearing Devastator. All can be seen in horrifying action in DarkNightsMetal.
* Batman smashes the Batmobile through cop cars, delivers a flying kick hard enough to break glass to an officer's jaw, and sets criminals on fire with thermite. There is simply no way these people are living through the night, and if they do they are certainly going to be disabled for life at least.