Fridge / Alice (2009)

  • Fridge Horror: Charlie was ten when he ran away from the Knight's last battle.
    • People have been getting kidnapped from our world and brainwashed into obedience for who knows how long. Ordinary people. One of the victims, upon temporarily waking up, immediately asks where her family is. What do their families and friends think happened to them? And even more chilling, after the queen gets the ring, she orders an unprecedented number of people to be kidnapped. Among them are children. If Alice hadn't stopped the queen, those kids would have been looking forward to a lifetime in a Lotus-Eater Machine, never seeing their families again.
  • Fridge Logic: The Hatter mentioned that people in his world live longer than people in Alice's world, so if they're going to be together, she would presumably age more quickly and die earlier than him.
    • Maybe it's a function of the world and not the people; like, if Alice had decided to live in Wonderland, she would have aged at the same rate as Hatter, but since Hatter decided to live with her, he ages at the same rate as she does.