Fridge / Airplane!

  • The first time I saw Airplane!, I was confused why Joey found a basketball in the cockpit, and thought it was to spoof the "young boy innocence" aspect. When watching again, I realized it was yet another reference to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar being the co-pilot. - Westing1992
  • The "spear" gag is a hard one. McCrosky says Ted was a hotshot pilot "a long time ago". The spear means that "The War" where Ted flew really was that long ago.
    • I thought it was a Call Back from when Kramer was being chased by Indians on the drive over.
  • McCrosky is addicted to smoking, drinking, amphetamines and glue. Remember he is an air traffic controller.
    • Was addicted. He decided to go cold turkey on everything at once, which actually does make a certain amount of sense in terms of willpower, even if it is, when you think about it, an absolute nightmare of withdrawal symptoms.
  • Fridge Horror: That poor girl awaiting a heart transplant, just to end up in an ambulance accident on the runway...