* When I was watching the remake of ''Film/ANightmareOnElmStreet2010'', my panicky friend told me to tell her when the dream sequences started. How was I supposed to know? No one was wearing the trademark Christmas Sweater except for Fred, so there was no way for me to tell. Except for, I realized, the fact that whenever a dream sequence started, everyone's clothing would have a small portion of red and green on it, and the background would have ''some'' noticeable thing be red and green, i.e. [[spoiler: the swimming lane markers during the pool dream.]]-- chloeravenblood
* The moment I got done watching ''Film/WesCravensNewNightmare'', I realized that the plot sort of justifies the InCaseYouForgotWhoWroteIt title in a strange way, whether on purpose or otherwise: Wes Craven plays himself in the movie, and the whole plot is sort of kicked off by him trying to write another ''Nightmare On Elm Street'' film. And to top it off, the script he's writing is based on nightmares he's been having in-story. Thus the film actually is ''about'' Wes Craven making (as well as having) a "new nightmare". -Tropers/MikeK
* In the fourth film, Freddy killed Joey by drowning him. This was actually a legitimate tactical method, considering he knew from the previous film that Joey had a powerful sonic scream ability which would be useless without the oppertunity to breathe.

* In [[Film/ANightmareOnElmStreet2010 the remake]], Freddy molested Nancy and her classmates. There were probably other classes before them.
* In ''Dream Warriors'', there's a mention of a Westin Hills patient who cut off his own eyelids to stay awake. No one ever figured out how the patient managed to get his hands on a blade, to do such a thing. Given how Kristen got committed when she awoke from a Freddy-induced dream to find herself holding a razor blade, bleeding, it's possible that this unlucky boy was also mutilated by Freddy for sport, then woke up before the killer could finish him off and wrongly blamed for inflicting his injuries on himself.