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Freudian Trio: Theater
  • 1776
    • John Adams - "Obnoxious and disliked," wants independence now and for everyone, loud, pigheaded, pushy (Id)
    • Benjamin Franklin - Witty, raunchy, realizes that idealism will not prevail, about the only person who can stand Adams for more than ten minutes (Ego)
    • Thomas Jefferson - quiet, passive, patriotic but really would rather see his wife than write the Declaration of Independence (Superego)

  • Man of La Mancha:
    • Don Quixote - moral, dreamy, and idealistic to the point of being unable to interact with the real world (Id)
    • Sancho - believes in Don Quixote and his Quest, but accommodates reality and other people (Ego)
    • Al Donza - full of anger and constantly harangued for sex, believes in nothing (Superego)

  • Romeo and Juliet
    • Romeo - passionte romantic guy, caught between these two, who might have lived if he'd listen to his superego (Ego)
    • Mercutio - wild and hot headed, always up for a drink, a fight or a woman (Id)
    • Benvolio - Nice Guy, calm and rational (Superego)
      • Alternatively, passionate and emotional Romeo as the Id, cynical and snarky Mercutio as the Superego, and the more balanced and sane Benvolio as the Ego.

  • Also, the women of the Capulet family fit into this:
    • Superego - Lady Capulet, trying to get her daughter married to someone rich and suitable
    • Ego - Juliet, especially at the beginning when she tries to please others rather than herself
    • Id - The Nurse, trying to get Juliet laid

  • The Phantom of the Opera
    • Superego - Raoul
    • Ego - Christine
    • Id - The Phantom

  • The Merchant of Venice
    • Superego - Antonio, generous to a fault, willing to give his money and his life for his friends
    • Ego - Bassanio, kind-hearted Everyman, does a pretty equal amount of right and wrong
    • Id - Gratiano, raunchy, wild, obnoxious, thinks everyone should drink, party and have fun

  • American Idiot
    • Superego- Whatsername, rebel girl who tries to pull JOS away from St. Jimmy's influence and drug addiction.
    • Ego- The Jesus of Suburbia, disillusioned punk who is caught between the influences of the destructive Saint Jimmy and the free-spirited Whatsername
    • Id- Saint Jimmy, a punk/rebel/drug dealer who seduces JOS into drugs and punk life, who may be an alternate personality of JOS.

  • Vanities
    • Superego - Kathy, the Super OCD party planner
    • Ego - Joanne, the conservative homemaker
    • Id - Mary, the rebellious flower child
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