Freudian Trio: Newspaper Comics

Calvin and Hobbes
  • Calvin: While incredibly intelligent, he acts on the first whim that enters his head. (Id)
  • Susie: Basic, level headed, moderately intelligent person. Has a slight level of control over Calvin. (Ego)
  • Hobbes: Intellectual and calm, acts sometimes as a voice of reason for Calvin. Doesn't sweat too much. (Superego)

Cul De Sac
  • Alice: Impulsive, imaginative, sometimes violent. (Id)
  • Beni: Oriented to explaining and fixing things, though sometimes too inexperienced to know when he's wrong. (Superego)
  • Dill: Generally not confrontational, but acquainted with the weirder side of things to relate to and bring out the better aspects of Alice. (Ego)

  • Dilbert: Rational, logical, moral. (Superego)
  • Wally: Selfish, lazy, lecherous. (Id)
  • Alice: Industrious, short-tempered, less self-centered than Wally. (Ego)

Dogs of C-Kennel
  • Will: Tries to maintain order in the kennel. (Superego)
  • Iggy: Nervous character who is rather indecisive. (Ego)
  • Kenny: Scatter-brained comic relief who acts rather impulsively. (Id)

  • Jason: Intelligent, well-read, logical (Superego)
  • Peter: Mediator, street-smart, Only Sane Man. (Ego)
  • Paige: Emotional, greedy, bad-tempered. (Id)

Get Fuzzy
  • Bucky: Id
  • Satchel: Ego
  • Rob: Superego

  • Garfield: a complete slave to his addictions and desires. (Id)
  • Jon: Average everyman, albeit a bit of a loser. (Ego)
  • Liz: Intellectual. Has higher ideals than the rest of the cast. (Superego)

  • Charlie Brown: Token leader, unremarkable, "average joe". (Ego)
  • Linus: Rational, well-read, intellectual. (Superego)
  • Lucy: Short-tempered, impulsive, immature. (Id)

Pearls Before Swine
  • Rat: Scheming con-man, unrepentant Jerkass (Id)
  • Pig: Innocent, immature, blindly follows what Rat says (Ego)
  • Goat: Unrecognized voice of reason, puts up with Rat and Pig (Superego)