Freudian Excuse / Visual Novels

  • Played with in Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel. When Sakura tells Rin how she was raped by the males of the Matou household, as well as other crap she had to go through, Rin agrees that it's perfectly understandable that she would become a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, but being the Tsundere that she is, Rin has already resolved to kill Sakura and shows her absolutely no sympathy whatsoever. Unfortunately, that is NOT what Sakura needs to hear from her older sister and (assuming the player chooses NOT to kill Dark Saber), her response is essentially "You don't care how I suffered, eh? Well, why don't you experience it through my eyes, see how you like it!" and when you get the bad end, you can hear Rin apologizing over and over. However, if Shirou did kill Dark Saber (and thus, keep her from showing up to grab Rin), Rin will realize at the last second that she can't bring herself to kill her younger sister.
  • Rokushiki and Shinji get one in Kara no Shoujo. The former lost his lover to a prolonged illness and then had to perform an abortion on a prostitute, which pushed him over the edge. Before that he was a really nice guy and you can still see traces of that persona. The latter was beaten by his mother until she ended up mutilating her face, after which she raped him. The terrified Shinji pushed her off of him and she died via impalement. Then his father went crazy, cut up his lover and used use her as a model for his masterpiece, Kara no Shoujo. He might still have been okay if the first guy didn't push him over the edge.
  • Franziska von Karma of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, to some extent. Her drive to defeat Phoenix Wright stems from a desire to outperform her adopted brother Edgeworth, who (at least in her view) her father devoted more time to. She seems to conveniently ignore the fact that her father focused on him because he was trying to mold Edgeworth into a ruthless, coldhearted prosecutor as a convoluted revenge against Edgeworth's father. She does cool down slightly by the end of Justice For All, but the arrogant streak is there to stay.
  • Umineko: When They Cry: 'My childhood was a painful and traumatic experience, so I'll be DAMNED if my child is going to get away with whining about a rose!' Rosa Ushiromiya, people.
  • In Animamundi Dark Alchemist, Mephistopheles asked Dr. Glening why he was so insistent on wanting a a deal with him (note that this is the kind of guy that even the fucking devil didn't want to put up with). The man went on to explain he was seeking revenge when his magic-based homeland was invaded, and he was forced to eat his own parents' corpses in order to survive. The devil just remarked that his persistence is remarkable, but he's still pathetic. The Player still wouldn't feel sympathetic towards Dr. Glening.
  • All of the Warriors of Hope sans Monaca from Absolute Despair Girls.