Franchise: X-Men

The original five X-Men.

"It's 1987. Do you know what your children are?"

A long-running franchise, starring mutants with superpowers. The good guy mutants—mainly the eponymous X-Men, led by Professor Xavier—use their powers to fight the bad mutants and protect normal humans—many of whom fear and hate them anyway. Features a lot of characters.

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Comic Books
  • X-Men: General comic books page.

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Individual Characters


Animated Series


  • X-Men: Mutant Empire Trilogy
  • X-Men/Avengers: Gamma Quest Trilogy
  • X-Men/Spider-Man: Time's Arrow Trilogy


Video Games

  • The Uncanny X-Men, an Australian band from the '80s. Not an official part of the franchise.

Alternative Title(s):

X Men, X Men 2 Clone Wars