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Franchise: The Vomit Gore Trilogy
Jiminy's wild years.

"Even hardcore horror fans might be inclined to take a break from their hobbies after watching a girl abused, vomited on, a spider sewn into her vagina, decapitated, then her hollow head used as a vomit glass. Other pleasantries included here are ejaculation of blood, an endless disemboweling, and Siamese twins cut apart with a saw."

The so-called "Vomit Gore Trilogy" is a series of non-sequitur horror films created by Lucifer Valentine, a reclusive emetophile and Satanist. The franchise consists of 2006's Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, 2008's ReGOREgitated Sacrifice, and 2010's Slow Torture Puke Chamber. A short entitled A Perfect Child of Satan was also included in the series box set released by Unearthed Films in 2012.

While claims are made that the films involve things like "quantum physics" and digging deeply into the recesses of the human mind, in reality they're just a series of shallow gross outs overflowing with surrealism, vomit, and gore (obviously). There's really no discernible story to be found in the flicks, but according to the Rouge Angles of Satin-afflicted promotional material, the plots are as follows:

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls:
What happens to a woman when she is abused by her parents, becomes a runaway at the tender age of 14, is molested by a local priest who takes her in and is then used and abused by nearly everyone she comes into contact with? For Angela Aberdeen the answer is to turn away from the human race and all earthly reality by making a sacred pact with Satan. After enlisting his protection in return for her eternal soul, her first act is to burn down the priest's church as he lays passed out drunk on the floor. She then flees to the city where she develops a horrible addiction to alcohol and drugs. Angela quickly spirals downward in her journey to Hell. Stripping turns to pornography and prostitution and as her deadly addictions tear her body apart, she realizes that even Satan has seemingly forsaken her.
ReGOREgitated Sacrifice:
Guided by identical twin demon spirits, The Black Angels of Hell, we see the diabolical depiction of the alternate-parallel dimension of the simultaneous suicide deaths of Kurt Cobain and bulimic porn star Angela Aberdeen, as seen through the mental activity of Angela's journey toward brain death as a result of her self-inflicted death by drowning.
Slow Torture Puke Chamber:
Making good on her pact with Satan, Angela Aberdeen's tortured and vomit-soaked soul descends into Hell. But Satan is not finished with her yet - He has more suffering planned for his ravaged slave. Angela is sent back up to the surface to stalk and destroy yet another victim. Her return initiates the emergence of a new Angela who is steadily and painfully infected with the Devil's Curse. An appalling metamorphosis befalls the chosen young victim as she is racked by bulimia, and subjected to the dark, forbidden secrets of incest of abuse. Slowly, the two Angelas merge into one Perfect Child of Satan and descend to an eternity of suffering in Hell.


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