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Franchise: Naruto
aka: Nar Uto

In a World ruled by ninjas, there are five great villages. Naruto Uzumaki wants to be the Hokage — the leader and greatest ninja in his village. There is one problem though. On the day of his birth, his village was attacked by the Nine-Tailed Fox. Giving up his life, the 4th Hokage sealed the fox into a baby. That baby was Naruto. Now he has to deal with people after him, his team, and the rest of the world.

Naruto began in 1999 as a manga written by Masashi Kishimoto, but due to its immense popularity, it has expanded into a multimedia franchise. The manga concluded in November 2014, with a movie, The Last: Naruto the Movie serving as something of an epilogue.note 

NOT to be confused with Narutaru and DEFINITELY not to be confused with a terrifying horror manga called Uzumaki. (Then again...).

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alternative title(s): Naruto
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