InAWorld ruled by ninjas, there are five great villages. [[TheHero Naruto Uzumaki]] wants to be the Hokage -- the leader and greatest ninja in his village. There is one problem though. On the day of his birth, his village was attacked by the [[MultipleTailedBeast Nine-Tailed]] [[{{Kitsune}} Fox]]. Giving up his life, the 4[[superscript:th]] Hokage sealed the fox into a baby. That baby was Naruto. Now he has to deal with people after him, his team, and the rest of the world.

'''''Naruto''''' began in 1999 as a manga written by Creator/MasashiKishimoto, but due to its immense popularity, it has expanded into a multimedia franchise. The manga concluded in November 2014, with a movie, ''The Last: Naruto the Movie'' serving as something of an epilogue.[[note]]It's set between the ending of the manga and the manga's own epilogue.[[/note]]

A live-action movie based on the franchise is in early development. Creator/LionsGate is planning to produce the film, and Michael Gracey is in negotiations to direct.

And it's not over: On 19 December 2015, Shounen Jump announced a new Boruto manga draw by Mikio IKEMOTO (Former assistant of Masashi Kishimoto during the publication of Naruto.) and written by Ukyô KODACHI (Involved in Boruto The Movie and various Hiden novels.) At the same time, Masashi Kishimoto announced he would be writing a Boruto one shot manga.

'''''[[NightmareFuel NOT]]''''' to be confused with ''Manga/{{Narutaru}}'' and '''''DEFINITELY''''' not to be confused with a terrifying horror manga called ''Manga/{{Uzumaki}}''. ([[NightmareFuel/{{Naruto}} Then again...]]).

!!Works this franchise includes:

!!Anime & Manga:
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'': The original manga and its anime adaptation.
* ''[[Manga/NarutoGaiden Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring]]'': Spin-off sequel mini-series of the manga.
* ''Manga/RockLeesSpringtimeOfYouth'': A comedic spinoff series starring EnsembleDarkhorse Rock Lee.
* ''[[Manga/UchihaSasukesSharinganChronicles Uchiha Sasuke's Sharingan Chronicles]]'': The sequel to Rock Lee's Sprintime of Youth, starring Uchiha Sasuke.
* ''Manga/{{Boruto}}'': Sequel series staring Naruto's son, scheduled for Spring 2016.
!!Animated Movies
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* ''[[Anime/NarutoTheMovieNinjaClashInTheLandOfSnow Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow]]''
* ''[[Anime/NarutoTheMovieLegendOfTheStoneOfGelel Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel]]''
* ''[[Anime/NarutoTheMovieGuardiansOfTheCrescentMoonKingdom Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom]]''
* ''[[Anime/NarutoShippudenTheMovie Naruto Shippuden: The Movie]]''
* ''[[Anime/NarutoShippudenTheMovieBonds Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Bonds]]''
* ''[[Anime/NarutoShippudenTheMovieInheritorsOfTheWillOfFire Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Inheritors of the Will of Fire]]''
* ''[[Anime/NarutoShippudenTheMovieTheLostTower Naruto Shippuden The Movie: The Lost Tower]]''
* ''[[Anime/NarutoTheMovieBloodPrison Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison]]''
* ''[[Anime/NarutoTheMovieRoadToNinja Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja]]''
* ''Anime/TheLastNarutoTheMovie''
* ''Anime/BorutoNarutoTheMovie''
* ''LightNovel/NarutoHiden''
** ''[[LightNovel/KakashiHidenLightningInTheIcySky Kakashi Hiden: Lightning In The Icy Sky]]''
** ''[[LightNovel/ShikamaruHidenACloudDriftingInSilentDarkness Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting In Silent Darkness]]''
** ''[[LightNovel/SakuraHidenThoughtsOfLoveRidingUponASpringBreeze Sakura Hiden: Thoughts Of Love Riding Upon A Spring Breeze]]''
** ''[[LightNovel/KonohaHidenThePerfectDayForAWedding Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day For A Wedding]]''
** ''[[LightNovel/GaaraHidenASandstormMirage Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm Mirage]]''
** ''[[LightNovel/AkatsukiHidenEvilFlowersInFullBloom Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers In Full Bloom]]''
* ''Naruto Shinden''
** ''Itachi Shinden''
*** ''Book of Bright Light''
*** ''Book of Dark Night''
** ''Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise''
!!OVA / Other
* ''Anime/ShippuKonohaGakuenDen''
* ''[[Anime/SunnySideBattle Sunny-Side Battle!]]''
!!Video Games:
* ''VideoGame/NarutoUzumakiChronicles''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoUzumakiChronicles2''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoShippudenLegendsAkatsukiRising''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoShippudenLegendsKizunaDrive''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoUltimateNinjaOnline''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoUltimateNinja''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoUltimateNinja2''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoUltimateNinjaHeroes''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoUltimateNinja3''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoUltimateNinjaHeroes2ThePhantomFortress''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoUltimateNinjaStorm''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoUltimateNinja4''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoUltimateNinja5''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoUltimateNinjaHeroes3''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoShippudenUltimateNinjaStorm2''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoUltimateNinjaImpact''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoShippudenUltimateNinjaStormGenerations''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoShippudenUltimateNinjaStorm3''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoShippudenUltimateNinjaStormRevolution''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoShippudenUltimateNinjaStorm4''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoClashOfNinja''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoClashOfNinja2''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoClashOfNinjaRevolution''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoClashOfNinjaRevolution2''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoShippudenClashOfNinjaRevolution3''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoPathOfTheNinja''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoPathOfTheNinja2''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoNinjaDestiny''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoShippudenNinjaDestiny2''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoNinjaCouncil''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoNinjaCouncil2''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoNinjaCouncil3''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoShippudenNinjaCouncil4''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoShippudenNarutoVsSasuke''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoShippudenShinobiRumble''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoRiseOfANinja''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoTheBrokenBond''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoShippudenDragonBladeChronicles''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoShippuden3DTheNewEra''
* ''VideoGame/NarutoSDPowerfulShippuden''