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''Law & Order'' is a franchise of PoliceProcedural[=/=]LawProcedural TV series, beginning with the [[LongRunners long-running]] ''Series/LawAndOrder''.

''Law and Order'' is also the title of an unrelated 1932 Western film.

!!TV series in the franchise include:
* ''Series/LawAndOrder'' (1990-2010), the original version, sometimes called "the Mothership."
* ''Series/LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit'' (1999-), which focuses on sex crimes and child abuse.
* ''Series/LawAndOrderCriminalIntent'' (2001-2011), which focuses on high-profile cases. Arguably the closest to a traditional detective procedural.
* ''Series/LawAndOrderTrialByJury'' (2005-2006), which focuses more on the LawProcedural side.
* ''Series/{{Conviction}}'' (2006), a LawProcedural featuring ''Law & Order'' characters.
* ''Paris enquêtes criminelles''[[note]]''Paris Criminal Investigations'', a.k.a. ''Law & Order: Paris''[[/note]] (2007-2008), a French remake of ''Criminal Intent''.
* ''Law & Order: Division of Field Investigation''[[note]]''Закон и порядок: отдел оперативных расследований''[[/note]] (2007-), a Russian remake of ''SVU''.
* ''Law & Order: Criminal Mind''[[note]]''Закон и порядок. Преступный умысел''[[/note]] (2007-), a Russian remake of ''Criminal Intent''.
* ''Series/LawAndOrderUK'' (2009-2014?), a British remake of the original series.
* ''Series/LawAndOrderLA'' (2010-2011), which takes place in UsefulNotes/LosAngeles instead of UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity.
%%* ''Law & Order: Cape Town'' (planned for 2012), a South African remake of the original series.

!!Other media in the franchise include:
* ''Exiled: A Law & Order Movie'', a TV movie of the original series
* Several video games
** Telltale Games Law & Order Legacies.