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Franchise: Buildingverse
"Supernatural meets Roommatesnote  Sam and Dean are so not ready for this." - The right side of "Define 'ordinary'" by ~Amarth9
In a World, where fictional characters can go after their story ended. In an unnamed, secret university town with a population consisting almost entirely of aforementioned fictional characters stands the Building #42 ... where it all began when Jareth and Erik decided to move in after some years of drowning their sorrows together. And the madness spreads ever since.

In less movie trailer like words: The Buildingverse is The Verse that sprung up around the deviantART Fan Webcomic Roommates when different authors began producing Spin Offs and otherwise expanding on the source material. Most of these take place in the Building or the University or at least in the town but the world outside is big and some already stepped outside... a bit.

It has a Trivia subpage, and if you didn't need that liver anyway a Drinking Game.

Notable longer works in the "franchise" in alphabetical order:

Tropes associated with the Buildingverse:

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alternative title(s): Buildingverse
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