Follow The Leader / Pinball

  • The "Graveyard"/"Nightmare" table from Pinball Dreams is a copy of Williams Electronics' highly popular Terminator 2: Judgment Day pinball.
  • Many early computer pinball games were near-direct copies of arcade pinball machines:
  • Pinball got hit with this trope early in its formation, as the success of Baffle Ball led to countless imitators.
  • Similarly, the success of Contact led to other games copying its electro-mechanical features, leading to the widespread use of solenoids, chimes, and the tilt anti-cheating mechanism.
  • After Humpty Dumpty was released, it instantly made flipperless pinballs obsolete. Gottlieb's competitors all scrambled to put out their own flipper games. In only three months, nearly all pinball manufacturers had a flipper pinball available, and they were standard equipment soon after that.