Flame War: Other

  • Any forum of overly passionate people that treat something as Serious Business can lead to flamewars and bans (not necessarily in that order) if disagreements appear.
  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny debates produce fuel for flame wars without fail, particularly because fans of some popular pairings, such as Star Wars vs. Star Trek, treat them as Serious Business indeed (there are whole websites and online communities devoted to Wars vs. Trek, for example).
  • Parodied hilariously by College Humor in this video. Which has, ironically, started flame wars in YouTube comments on "We Didn't Start the Fire" between College Humor viewers and Billy Joel fans.
  • Half the fun of visiting 4chan, where it tends to vary between "Flame War" and "Troll War".
  • A great, and relatively new one, is a the Digg.com vs Reddit.com war. As well as Reddit vs 9Gag
    • And whatever you do don't compare any of them to 4chan or claim they're better than 4chan. Just don't do it.
  • GameFAQs' "[adult swim]" Board has one major rule (above even the site's rules), saying ANYTHING about Tim & Eric is a declaration of war.
    • Similarly, go to the Tales of Symphonia board and make a topic about who Lloyd would be with (Lloyd x any character who appeared in the game).
    • The contests already lead to some contention given they're basically popularity contests. Add upsets, technical problems or vote stuffing to make the results questionable, or indications of outside tampering (previously from Battle.net or Nintendo fansites, but now 4chan and Reddit) and the board that discusses them will look like a warzone.
  • The mere mention of a certain girl whose name refers to a three dimensional container with six sides warrants your being perma-banned from the internet, and the planet. This statement may have been enough...
    • ...Irma Von Cube?
    • ...Boxxy?
    • Cube?
    • Kate Crate? Countess Winifred Shipping-Container? Boxing Helena? Oh wait, that last one's a movie title.
    • Conpanion Cube?
  • Here's something that you might want to try out. Look for a forum (preferably showbiz-related) that has a fairly large Filipino membership. Create a thread titled "Kapamilya or Kapuso?" Talk about network ratings, and watch Armageddon unfold right before your eyes.
  • The exact political alignment of Martin Luther King Jr. is enough to cause a flame war between publications. MLK explicitly denying being a part of any party, and noting both sides have their flaws, does not help matters. Additionally, MLK's beliefs and actions share the traits of both parties (a champion for the smaller people and a person willing to go for change is a hard Liberal ideology, while being a devout Christian and having many infamous speeches such as Beyond Vietnam is a hard Conservative ideology).
  • A little broad to fit anywhere else, but digital piracy as a whole. There's a reason the page pertaining to the issue has been locked out of real life examples.
  • Can sexual or violent genres of literature, anime, Western Animation, etc. have a bad influence on the development of young children or not? It's best not to ask this question on any social network; it's as good as declaring war.
  • Everything else. Even if it seems impossible to debate. Especially if it seems impossible to debate.
  • "Bad girl" art: harmless erotic fun, or disgusting sexist/misogyny. Keep in mind female artists tend to draw in this style as well (for example Amy Matthews) adding another dimension to the debate.
  • Can get this way among some martial artists, many of whom believe that their fighting style is undefeatable and anything else is just a money making scam.
  • Go to a police forum, or ask a group of officers,what they think of reserve police. Then stand back and watch the uproar.
  • Missing person cases can get kinda contentious if you believe that. Mostly over how the police handled the case, or whether or not can you put some of the blame on the victim with out being criticized for victim blaming.
  • On tumblr there was a great thought provoking blog called Black People Confessions. It featured confessions from black people from all around the world who would discuss things that affected them as black people. Some confessions was sad and others was humorous, but no matter what it was always respectful. But once it became popular? ....ooh boy the flames was hot. The blog devolved into heated BITTER gender wars, and intense flame wars over colorism, and "light skin privlege". And then there was the interracial dating debates, my GOD the interracial dating debates!!. The moderators had to eventually put a temporary ban on those topics cause it got so bitter and passionate.
  • Volunteer firefighters. Despite how common they are in the US, professional firefighters will still get hotly divided over them.
  • The Friend Zone