Five Man Band / Western Animation N to Z
aka: Western Animation N-Z
Can you guess which is which?

The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way. Here are some places where the trope occurs in animation:

The Next Avengers
The LeaderJames (He is The Quiet One, too.)
The LancerHawkeye (He clashes with James just as much as the original Hawkeye did with Captain America.)
The Smart GuyAzari (Unlike most other examples, Azari's a self-righteous know-it-all who isn't always right.)
The Big GuyTorunn (She's Thor's daughter, after all, but her emotional volatility is a huge obstacle for her to overcome.)
The ChickPym (Despite being the group's techie and being able to grow to giant size, Pym's way too unfocused to function as either a Smart Guy or a Big Guy properly. He's also the one least suited to direct physical confrontation.)

The Night B4 Christmas
The LeaderElvin
The LancerSeamus
The Smart GuyJel-O
The Big GuyPup Daddy
The ChickEvilina (after her Heel–Face Turn)

The Oblongs

The Family
The LeaderPickles
The LancerBob
The Smart GuyMilo
The Big GuysBiff and Chip (conjoined twins)
The ChickBeth

Milo's Friends
The LeaderMilo
The LancerPeggy
The Smart GuySusie
The Big GuyHelga
The ChickMikey

The HeroNorman
The LancerAlvin
The Smart GuyNeil
The Big GuyMitch
The ChickCourtney

The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show
The LeaderPebbles Flinstone
The LancerBam Bam Rubble
The Smart GuyMoonrock
The Big GuyPenny
The ChickWhiggy
Sixth RangerShleprock (Wowzy Wowzy)

Phineas and Ferb
The LeaderPhineas
The LancerFerb
The Smart GuyBaljeet
The Big GuyBuford
The ChickIsabella
Sixth RangerIrving

Quack Pack
The LeaderHuey
The Smart GuyDewey
The Big GuyLouie
The LancerDonald Duck
The ChickDaisy

Quest For A Heart
The LeaderRolli
The LancersMillie and Footman
The Smart GuyLongwind
The Big GuyBig Rolli (also the Sixth Ranger)
The ChickAtonal

The Real Ghostbusters
The LeaderPeter Venkman
The LancerWinston Zeddmore
The Smart GuyEgon Spengler
The Big GuyRay Stantz
The ChickJanine Melnitz
Team PetSlimer


The main cast
The LeaderT.J.
The LancerVince
The Smart GuyGretchen
The Big ChickSpinelli
The Big HeartMikey (also a Gentle Giant)
Sixth Ranger/Kid-Appeal CharacterGus

The Teachers
The LeaderPrincipal Prickly
The LancerMiss Finster (and Randall is her lancer)
The Smart GuysMiss Lemon and Menlo
The Big GuyMr. E
The ChickMiss Grotke (doubles as The Heart)

Roary The Racing Car: The cars
The LeaderRoary
The LancerMaxi
The Smart GuyDrifter
The Big GuyTintop
The ChickCici

The LeaderRobotboy
The LancerTommy (also has elements of The Smart Guy)
The Big GuyGus
The ChickLola (also has elements of The Smart Guy)
The Smart Guy/The MentorProfessor Moshimo

The LeaderSpin
The LancerPenny
The Big GuyPounder
The ChickLance
The Smart Guy/Kid-Appeal CharacterTinny

Sabrina: The Animated Series
The LeaderSabrina
The LancerChloe
The Smart GuyZelda
The Big GuyHarvey
The ChickHilda
The HeartUncle Quigley
Sixth RangerPi
Team PetSalem

The Save Ums
The LeaderJazzi
The LancerCustard
The Smart GuyNoodle
The Big GuyKa-Chung
The ChickFoo
Tagalong KidB.B. Jammies
Team PetPuffs

School For Vampires: The Students
The LeaderOscar
The LancerGruftine (Stoker would probably like to think he's this, but Gruftine fits the role better.)
The Smart GuyTinto
The Big GuyStoker
The ChickKlot
Sixth RangerAshley

The LeaderFreddy Jones
The LancerNorville 'Shaggy' Rogers
The Smart GuyVelma Dinkley
The ChickDaphne Blake
The Big GuyScooby Doo (also The Team Pet)

The LeaderScruff
The LancerTricks
The Smart GuyStrummer
The Big GuyHauntie the Ghost Hound
The ChickPrincess
Sixth RangerWhite Socks
Team MomSanda

Sealab 2020
The LeaderPaul Williams
The LancersRobert Murphy and Hal
The Smart GuyGail
The Big GuyEd
The ChickSally
Tagalong KidJamie
The MentorMike Murphy

Shadow Raiders (War Planets)
The LeaderGraveheart (also The Chick)
The LancerJade
The Smart GuyTekla
The Big GuyKing Cryos
The (other) ChickPrince Pyrus
Tagalong KidLady Zera
Token Evil TeammateFemur
Sixth RangerZuma

The LeaderQuicksilver
The LancerCol. Bluegrass (sometimes The Smart Guy)
The Smart GuyCopper Kidd (sometimes Tagalong Kid)
The Big GuySteelwill
The ChickSteelheart (sometimes The Lancer)
The MentorStargazer
Sixth RangersHotwing, Flashback, Moonstryker, Condor
Team PetTallyhawk

The Simpsons: A somewhat parody of one appeared where Bart gave everyone a title in "Lemon of Troy"
The LeaderBart ("I'm the leader")
The LancerMilhouse ("My sidekick")
The Smart GuyMartin ("The smart guy")
The Big GuyNelson ("The tough guy")
The Quiet One/The ChickTodd ("The quiet religious guy who ends up going crazy")

Sky Dancers
The LeaderAngelica
The LancerBreeze
The Smart GuyCamille
The Big GuySlam
The ChickJade
The MentorSkyla

Skysurfer Strike Force
The LeaderSkysurfer One
The LancerSoar Loser
The Chick/The Smart GuySliced Ice
The Big GuyAir Enforcer
The HeartCrazy Stunts

Sonic SatAM

The Freedom Fighters
The LeaderSally (also has elements of The Smart Guy)
The LancerSonic (a subversion, as he's the star)
The Smart GuyRotor (also has elements of The Chick)
The Big GuyBunnie (Despite her obvious girlishness, she avoids being The Chick; that honor goes to...)
The ChickAntoine
Tagalong KidTails (Although he proves to be an embryonic The Smart Guy as well.)

Season 2
The LeaderSally
The LancerSonic
The Smart GuyUncle Chuck
The Big GuyDulcy
The ChickAntoine (still...)
Sixth RangerTails (as of the episode "Drood Henge")

Stargate: Infinity
The LeaderGus Bonner
The LancerSeattle Montoya
The Big GuyStacey Bonner (although Gus looks like The Big Guy)
The ChickR. J. Harrison
The Smart GuyEc'co

The LeaderWicket
The Lancer and The ChickKneesa
The Big GuyPaploo
The Smart GuyTeebo
The (other) ChickLatara
Tagalong KidMalani

Stickin' Around

The LeaderStacy
The LancerBradley
The Big GuyWilliam
The Smart Guy / Tagalong KidPolly
The ChickMelody
Kid-Appeal CharacterDil
Team PetFrank

The LeaderEmma
The LancerFin McCloud
The Big GuyReef
The Smart Guy / Sixth RangerJohnny
The ChickLo Ridgemount
The HeartBroseph

Storm Hawks
The LeaderAerrow
The LancerFinn
The Smart GuyStork
The Big GuyJunko
The Chick/Action GirlPiper (who doubles as the second Smart Guy)
Team PetRadarr

Stunt Dawgs
The LeaderNeedham
The Lancer/Action GirlSizzle
The Smart GuySplat
The Big GuyCrash
The ChickSkidd
Team PetHuman

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go
The LeaderChiro
The LancerAntauri
The Smart GuysGibson and Otto
The Big GuySPRX-77
The ChickNova
Seventh Ranger TraitorMandarin
Seventh Ranger / The HeartJinmay

The LeaderBaloo
The LancerKit
The Smart GuyWildcat (Genius Ditz)
The Big GuyLouie
The ChickRebecca
Tagalong KidMolly


Taz's family
The LeaderJean (Mother)
The LancerHugh (Father)
The Smart GuyJake (Little brother)
The Big GuyTaz (Even though he's the star)
The ChickMolly (Sister)
Team PetDog the Turtle

Taz's friends
The LeaderTaz
The LancerDigeri Dingo
The Smart GuysThe Platypus Bros (Daniel and Timothy)
The Big GuyConstance Koala (She can lift boulders.)
The ChickWendell T. Wolf (even though he's male. He could also be a secondary Smart Guy.)
Sixth RangerWilly Wombat
The MentorMr. Thickley (not a very good one, though)

Teen Titans (2003 series): The main cast
The LeaderRobin
The LancerCyborg
The Smart GuyRaven
The Big GuyBeast Boy
The ChickStarfire
Sixth RangerTerra

Theodore Tugboat
The LeaderTheodore
The LancerHank
The Smart GuyFoduck
The Big GuyGeorge
The ChickEmily

Tigersharks (from The Comic Strip)
The LeaderMako
The LancersDolph (who may also count as The Smart Guy) and Bronc
The Smart Guy and Action GirlOctavia
The Big GuyLorca
The ChickAngel
The MentorWalro
Team PetGupp

Tiny Toon Adventures
The LeaderBuster Bunny
The LancerPlucky Duck (Babs too)
The Smart GuyHamton J. Pig
The Big GuyDizzy Devil
The ChickBabs Bunny
Sixth RangerFifi La Fume
Team PetFurrball

Top Cat
The LeaderTop Cat
The LancerBenny the Ball
The Smart GuyFancy-Fancy, sometimes Brain
The Big GuyBrain
The ChickChoo-Choo
Kid-Appeal CharacterSpook

Transformers Animated
The LeaderOptimus Prime
The LancerProwl
The Smart GuyRatchet
The Big GuyBulkhead
Kid-Appeal CharacterBumblebee
The Chick/Tagalong KidSari (or would she be the Team Pet)
Sixth RangerSari (once she gets her upgrade) and Jazz
Sixth Ranger TraitorLongarm Prime a.k.a. Shockwave

Transformers: Beast Machines
The LeaderOptimus Primal
The LancerCheetor
The Smart GuyRattrap
The Big GuyBlackarachnia
The ChickNightscream
Sixth RangerSilverbolt and Botanica

Transformers: Beast Wars
The LeaderOptimus Primal (level-headed focus character)
The LancerDinobot (foil to Primal, brutal but honorable)
The Smart GuyRattrap (more accurately, the smart-ass sneaky guy)
The Big GuyRhinox (also the techie, making him a Genius Bruiser)
The Chick/Kid-Appeal CharacterCheetor (Less a chick, more The Kid, but serves same general plot roles)
Sixth RangersTigatron, Airrazor, Silverbolt, Blackarachnia (post-Heel–Face Turn) and Depth Charge

The LeaderAmethyst
The LancerRuby
The Smart GuySapphire
The Big GuyOnyx
The ChickTopaz
The MentorsThe Ancients

Turbo Dogs
The LeaderDash
The LancerStrut
The Smart GuyGT
The Big GuyStinkbert
The ChickMags
Sixth RangerClutch

The LeaderChloe
The LancerTut (Subversion: He's the star.)
The Smart GuyLuxor (also the Team Pet)
The Big GuysJake and Kyle
The ChickNatasha

Viva Piñata (TV series version)
The LeaderHudson Horsetachio
The LancerPaulie Pretztail
The Smart GuyLes Galagoogoo
The Big GuyFranklin Fizzybear
The ChickElla Elephanilla
The HeartFergie Fudgehog
Those Two GuysTina & Teddington Twingersnap

The LeaderYugo
The LancerEvangelyne
The Smart GuyRuel Stroud (also a Cool Old Guy)
The Big GuySir Sadlygrove Percedal
The ChickAmalia
Team PetAz
Sixth RangerAdamaï

What About Mimi?
The LeaderMimi
The LancersRussell and Elaine
The Smart GuyBuddy
The Big GuyBrock
The ChickSincerity
Sixth RangersHerbert, Lodeman, Hayley

The LeaderWhatamess
The LancerNorton
The Smart Guy and The MentorFrank
The Big GuyTrash
The ChickFelicia
Team PetBaldwin

Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?
The LeaderRobot
The LancerSocks
The Smart GuyCubey
The Big GuyMitch
The ChickShannon

The Wild Thornberrys
The LeaderEliza
The Lancer/Team PetDarwin
The Smart GuyMarianne
The Big GuyNigel
The ChickDebbie
Sixth Ranger/Tagalong KidDonnie

The LeaderPooh
The LancerTigger
The Smart GuyRabbit
The Big GuyEeyore
The ChickPiglet
Team MomKanga
Tagalong KidRoo
Sixth RangerGopher

Winx Club: The main cast
The LeaderBloom
The LancerStella
The Smart GuyTecna, and sometimes also Flora
The Big GuyMusa
The ChickFlora
Sixth RangerLayla/Aisha (in Season Two), Roxy
The MentorFaragonda

W.I.T.C.H.: The main cast
The LeaderWill
The LancerCornelia
The Smart GuyTaranee
The Big GuyIrma
The ChickHay Lin
Sixth RangerCaleb, Matt
The MentorYan Lin
Team PetsBlunk and Mr. Huggles

The LeaderBear
The LancerDuck
The Smart GuyFrog
The Big GuyPig
The ChickSheep
Team PetDog, The Bugs (Fly, Bug, and Bee)
Sixth RangerAnt, Shark

The Wuffers
The LeaderYojimbo
The LancersDigger and Jack Jack
The Big GuyWoo Woo
The Smart GuyDeon
The ChickMimi
Kid-Appeal CharacterRico
The MentorPops

Young Justice
The LeaderAqualad
The LancerRobin
The Smart GuyKid Flash
The Big GuySuperboy
The ChickMiss Martian
Sixth RangerArtemis
Team PetWolf