Five Man Band / Western Animation A to M
aka: Western Animation A-M

The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way. Here are some places where the trope occurs in animation:

All Grown Up!
The LeaderTommy
The LancerChuckie
The Big GuyPhil
The Smart GuyLil
The ChickKimi
Tagalong KidDil

Adventures of the Gummi Bears
The LeaderGruffi
The LancerGrammi
The Smart GuyZummi
The Big GuyTummi
The Chick Sunni
Tagalong KidCubbi
Sixth RangerGusto
Team PetArtie Deco

Aladdin: The Series
The LeaderAladdin
The LancerAbu
The Smart GuyCarpet
The Big GuyGenie
The ChickJasmine
Sixth RangerIago
  • Note: Abu and Iago are the Team Pets qualify, until Rajah joins the team.

The Amazing World of Gumball: Gumball's family
The LeaderGumball
The LancerNicole (the mom)
The Smart GuyAnais
The Big GuyRichard (the dad)
The ChickDarwin

Angelina Ballerina

The original
The LeaderAngelina
The LancerAlice
The Smart GuyWilliam
The Big GuySammy
The ChickAnya
The MentorMs. Lilly
Tagalong KidHenry

The LeaderAngelina
The LancerAlice
The Smart GuyMarco
The Big GuyAJ
The ChickGracie
Sixth RangerVici
The MentorMs. Mimi
Tagalong KidPolly

The LeaderAlex
The LancerIggy D'Iguana
The Smart GuyLivingston T Lion
The Big GuyG'Bubu
The ChickZoey

Avatar: The Last Airbender: the third season
The LeaderAang
The LancerZuko (also a Sixth Ranger)
The Smart GuySokka
The Big GuyToph
The ChickKatara

Babar and the Adventures of Badou
The LeaderBadou
The LancerZawadi (sometimes Munroe)
The Smart GuyJake
The Big GuyMunroe
The ChickChiku

The Backyardigans (most of the time)
The LeaderUniqua
The LancerPablo
The Smart GuyAustin
The Big GuyTyrone
The ChickTasha

Beethoven: The Animated Series
The LeaderBeethoven
The LancerSparky
The Smart GuyMr. Huggs
The Big GuyCeasar
The ChickGinger

Ben 10: Alien Force: The Junior Plumbers
The LeaderPierce
The LancerHelen Wheels
The Smart GuyCooper Daniels
The Big GuyManny Armstrong
The ChickAlan Albright
The MentorMax Tennyson

Bionic Six
The LeaderJack/Bionic-1
The Lancer/The ChickHelen/Mother-1
The Smart GuyJ.D./I.Q.
The Big GuyEric/Sport-1
The HeartMeg/Rock-1
Sixth RangerBunji/Karate-1
The MentorProfessor Sharp
Team PetF.L.U.F.F.I.

Braceface: Sharon's pets
The LeaderPigger
The LancerLawrence
The Smart GuyMoishe
The Big GuySamson
The ChickRoxie

Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars
The LeaderBucky O'Hare
The LancerDeadeye Duck
The Smart GuyWilly DuWitt
The Big GuyBruiser
The ChickJenny
Team PetBlinky (sort of... he's a robot)

Captain Planet and the Planeteers
The LeaderKwame
The LancerLinka
The Big GuyWheeler
The Smart Guy/The ChickGi
The HeartMa-Ti

Care Bears: The Care Bear Cousins
The LeaderBrave Heart Lion
The LancerSwift Heart Rabbit
The Smart GuyBright Heart Elephant
The Big GuyLotsa Heart Elephant
The ChickCozy Heart Penguin

Casper Scare School
The LeaderCasper
The LancerRa
The Smart GuyMantha
The Big GuyWolfie
The ChickJimmy (Team Fleshie)

Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos
The LeaderChuck Norris
The LancerReed
The Smart GuyKimo
The Big GuyTabe
The ChickPepper
Tagalong KidTumachi (pronounced "Too Much")

Clifford the Big Red Dog
The LeaderT-Bone
The LancerCleo
The Smart GuyMac and KC (the latter of whom is a Sixth Ranger)
The Big GuyClifford (subversion: he's the star)
The ChickMimi

Codename: Kids Next Door: Sector V
The LeaderNigel Uno/Numbuh One ("The Leader")
The LancerAbby Lincoln/Numbuh Five ("The Cool Kid")
The Smart GuyHoagie Gilligan/Numbuh Two ("The Inventor")
The ChickKuki Sanban/Numbuh Three ("The Flirt")
The Big GuyWallaby Beetles/Numbuh Four ("The Tough Kid")

Danger Rangers
The LeaderSully
The LancerKitty
The Smart GuyBurt
The Big GuyBurb
The ChickGB
Kid-Appeal CharacterSqueaky
Robot BuddyFallbot

Darkwing Duck

Justice Ducks
The LeaderDarkwing Duck
The LancerGizmo Duck
The Smart GuyNeptunia
The Big GuyStegmutt
The ChickMorgana Macawber

Darkwing's normal troop
The LeaderDarkwing
The LancerGosalyn
The Smart GuyHonker
The Big GuyLaunchpad
The ChickMorgana

Dennis the Menace (US)
The LeaderDennis
The LancerTommy
The Smart GuyP.B.
The Big GuyJay
The ChickMargaret
The HeartGina
Kid-Appeal CharacterJoey
Team PetRuff

The LeaderQuestar
The LancerYungstar
The Big GuyGunner
The Smart GuyTurret
The ChickSerena
The MentorMind-Zei
Tagalong KidLlahd

Disney's Fab Five
The LeaderMickey Mouse (His band is made for you and me, after all.)
The LancerDonald Duck
The Smart GuyMinnie Mouse (She's not so much brainy as level-headed, but in this group that's a major accomplishment.)
The Big GuyGoofy
The ChickDaisy Duck
Team PetPluto
Tagalong KidsHuey, Dewey and Louie

Dragon Flyz
The LeaderZ'nyth
The LancerSummit
The Smart GuyDram
The Big GuyPeak
The ChickApex

Drawn Together
The LeaderCaptain Hero
The LancerXandir P. Wifflebottom
The Big GuysToot Braunstein and Spanky Ham
The Smart GuyFoxxy Love
The ChickPrincess Clara
Kid-Appeal CharacterWooldoor Sockbat
Team PetLing-Ling

Dungeons & Dragons
The LeaderHank
The LancerEric
The Smart GuyPresto
The Big GuyDiana
The ChickSheila
Kid-Appeal CharacterBobby
Team PetUni the Unicorn (Bobby's pet)
The MentorDungeon Master

Fanboy and Chum Chum
The LeaderFanboy
The LancerChum Chum
The Smart GuyKyle
The Big Guy/The MentorOz
The ChickYo

The LeaderFry
The LancerLeela
The Smart GuyFarnsworth
The Big GuyBender
The ChickAmy
Sixth RangerHermes
Team PetZoidberg
Tagalong KidCubert

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
The LeaderMac
The LancerBloo
The Smart GuyFrankie
The Big GuysWilt and Eduardo
The ChickCoco
Sixth RangerGoo

The LeaderGoliath
The LancerBrooklyn (originally Hudson)
The Smart GuyLexington
The Big GuyBroadway
The ChickElisa and later Angela
Team PetBronx
The MentorHudson
Sixth RangerAngela

Generator Rex
The LeaderRex
The LancerAgent Six
The Smart GuyDoc Holiday
The Big GuyBobo (Genius Bruiser)
The ChickNoah

Geronimo Stilton TV series
The LeaderGeronimo (Though he may not look fit for the role, being a clumsy homebody, he organizes everything.)
The LancerThea (She is the foil to Geronimo, being an athletic and fearlessly adventurous Action Girl.)
The Big GuyTrap (He has the appetite, the raw strength and the disposition. Whether he can hold himself in a fight or not, unfortunately, depends on the episode writer.)
The Smart GuyBenjamin (He goes in the Adorably Precocious Child and Child Prodigy direction, complete with shades of Little Mister Snarker to boot.)
The Chick/Tagalong KidPandora (Bugsy Wugsy in the book series. She comes complete with the role of always being the Damsel in Distress.)

Gravity Falls
The LeaderDipper
The LancerMabel
The Smart GuyGrunkle Stan
The Big GuySoos
The ChickWendy

Growing Up Creepie: Creepie's family
The LeaderCreepie
The LancerGnat
The Smart GuyVincent
The Big GuyPauly
The ChickCaroleena
Sixth RangerJerry, Aunt Rose, Larves, Wendy and Wanda

Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats: The Catillac Cats
The LeaderRiff Raff
The LancerHector
The Smart GuyWordsworth (more or less)
The Big GuyMungo
The ChickCleo (although she's an Action Girl in a few episodes)

The Herculoids
The LeaderZok
The LancerTundro
The Smart GuyGloop
The Big GuyIgu
The ChickGleep


The LeaderScarlet
The LancerButton
The Smart GuyJimber
The Big GuysChili and Pepper
The ChickCalypso
Sixth RangerAztec

The LeaderSarah
The LancerMolly
The Smart GuyAlma
The Big GuyBailey
The ChicksChloe and Zoey
Sixth RangerWill
Team PetsScarlet, Button, Chili, Pepper, Jimber, Calypso, Aztec

Jackie Chan Adventures: The J Team
The LeaderJackie
The LancerJade (sometimes Tagalong Kid)
The Smart Guy/The MentorUncle
The Big GuyEl Toro Fuerte
The ChickViper
Sixth RangerTohru (who also fits in with The Big Guy, and (after learning Chi Magic from uncle) The Smart Guy, as well)
Tagalong KidPaco
Reasonable Authority FigureCaptain Black (sometimes The Lancer)
Team PetsScruffy and Super Moose

James Bond Jr.
The LeaderJames Jr.
The LancerI.Q.
The Smart GuyPhoebe
The Big GuyGordo
The ChickTracey

Jane and the Dragon
The LeaderJane
The LancerGunther
The Smart GuyJester
The Big GuySmithy
The ChickPepper
The HeartRake
Team PetDragon
The MentorSir Theodore (Jane's mentor), Sir Ivon (Gunther's mentor)

Jelly Jamm
The LeaderBello
The LancerOngo
The Smart GuyMina
The Big Guy/The HeartGoomo
The ChickRita

Johnny Test - Johnny's family
The LeaderJohnny
The Lancer/Team PetDukey
The Smart GuysMary and Susan
The Big GuyHugh
The ChickLila

Josie and the Pussycats
The LeaderJosie James
The LancersThe Cabot Twins (Alexandra and Alexander)
The Smart GuyValerie Smith
The Big GuyAlan M. Mayberry
The Smart GuyValerie Smith
The ChickMelody Jones
Team PetSebastian (Alexandra's pet)

KaBlam!: The Off-Beats''
The HeroBetty Anne Bongo
The LancerTommy
The Smart GuyAugust
The Big GuyGrubby Groo
The ChickRepunzil
Team PetSeptember
Sixth RangerKurt Waltz

Kappa Mikey
The LeaderMikey (bold, charismatic, and puts less thought into things than your average piece of tin foil does)
The LancerLily (an odd example of a female lancer who can't stand The Leader)
The Smart GuyGuano (He writes, directs, acts, and panics.)
The Big GuyGonard (He is the textbook definition of a "Lug"; he towers over everyone, cheerful and stupid.)
The ChickMitsuki (She's head over heels for Mikey, and cares a lot about everyone else as friends. Ironically, she's the least ditzy, but, in her own way, the most naive.)
The MentorOzu (He produces as well.)
Yes-ManYes Man (dur!; an assitant to Ozu)

Kick Buttowski: Kick's family
The LeaderKick
The LancerBrad
The Smart GuyHoney
The Big GuyHarold
The ChickBrianna

The Kids From Room 402
The LeaderNancy
The LancerJessie
The Smart GuyPolly
The Big GuyVinnie
The ChickPenny
Kid-Appeal CharacterFreddie
Sixth RangerMelanie

A Kind of Magic: A fairy tale family
The LeaderTom
The LancerCindy
The Smart GuyFerocia (Subverted: She's a Token Evil Aunt.)
The Big GuyGregore
The ChickWillow
Team PetHis Highness

The Lampies:
The LeaderCaptain Brightlight
The LancerCharge
The Smart GuyContact
The Big GuyBurnout
The ChickLivewire
Team PetDustywugg

The Land Before Time
The LeaderLittlefoot
The LancerCera (She's also a bit of a Cute Bruiser.)
The Smart GuyPetrie
The Big GuySpike
The ChickDucky
Sixth RangersChomper, Ruby

The LeBrons

The titular family
The LeaderBusiness
The LancerKid (Subversion: He's the main character.)
The Smart GuyWise
The Big GuyAthlete
The ChickGloria

The Legend of Tarzan
The LeaderTarzan
The LancerTerk
The Smart GuyProfessor Archimedes Q. Porter
The Big GuyTantor
The ChickJane Porter
Team MomKala

Liberty's Kids
The LeaderJames
The LancerHenri
The Smart Guy/The MentorBenjamin Franklin
The Big GuyMoses
The ChickSarah

Loonatics Unleashed
The LeaderAce Bunny
The LancerDanger Duck
The Smart GuyTech E. Coyote
The Big GuySlam Tasmanian
The Chick/Action GirlLexi Bunny
Kid-Appeal CharacterRev Runner (who could also share The Smart Guy role with Tech)
The MentorZadavia

Madballs Escape From Orb!
The LeaderScreamin' Meemie
The LancerSkull Face
The Smart GuyDustbrain
The Big GuyHornhead
The ChickFreakella
Tagalong Kid/Brother ChuckOcculus Orbus
Those Two GuysSlobulus and Aargh

Martha Speaks
The LeaderMartha
The LancerHelen
The Smart GuyTruman
The Big GuyTD
The ChickAlice
Team PetSkits
Sixth RangerCarolina

Maya & Miguel
The LeaderMaya
The LancerMiguel
The Smart GuyTheo
The Big GuyAndy
The ChicksMaggie and Chrissy
Team PetPaco
Tagalong KidTito

The LeaderNathan Explosion (Subverted in how little leading he does beyond songwriting.)
The LancerSkwisgaar Skwigelf (Subverted in lacking knowledge unrelated to guitars and being fine with his place on the team.)
The Smart GuyPickles (Subverted in that he's really just the smartest of the group. Not too hard to pull off.)
The Big GuyWilliam Murderface (Subverted in that Murderface is extremely sensitive and insecure, with cripplingly poor self-esteem and image problem.)
The ChickToki Wartooth (Gives Murderface a run for his money in the "emotional" department. Extremely childish.)
The Sixth RangerCharlse Foster Ofdenson (Straight Man, Only Sane Man, Battle Butler and Badass Bookworm all rolled into one.)
Tagalong KidFatty
Kid-Appeal CharacterDr. Rockzo the Rock n' Roll Clown (Though he is hyperactive and brightly colored, the rest is violently subverted: He is amoral, dangerous, not kid friendly and the only reason he's so cheerful is that he does cocaine. A lot of cocaine.)
  • Note: Despite the central characters being a band with five people, the show loves to subvert this.

The Mighty B!
The LeaderBessie (with elements of The Smart Guy)
The LancerPortia
The Smart GuyGwen
The Big GuyPenny
The ChickMillie
Tagalong KidBen
Team PetHappy
The MentorMary Francis
Sixth RangerThe Honeybee Troops

The Mighty Ducks
The LeaderWildwing Flashblade
The LancerDuke L'Orange
The Smart GuyTanya Vanderflock
The Big GuyGrin Hardwing
The Chick/Action GirlMallory McMallard
Kid-Appeal CharacterNosedive Flashblade

The Mighty Heroes
The LeaderDiaper Man
The LancerTornado Man
The Smart GuyRope Man
The Big GuyStrong Man
The ChickCuckoo Man

Mister T
The LeaderMr. T
The LancerRobin O'Neill
The Smart GuyWoody Daniels
The Big GuyJeff Harris
The ChickKim Nakamura
Tagalong KidSpike O'Neill
Sixth Ranger/Team MomPriscilla Bisby
Team PetDozer

My Gym Partner's a Monkey
The LeaderAdam Lyon
The LancerJake Spidermonkey
The Smart GuyWindsor Gorilla
The Big GuyIngrid Giraffe (the tallest female student)
The ChickLupe Toucan
The HeartSlips Python