Five Man Band / Video Games T to Z
aka: Video Games T-Z

Tales of Graces
The LeaderAsbel
The LancerMalik
The Big GuySophie
The Smart GuyPascal
The ChickCheria
The Sixth RangerHubert

Tales of Innocence
The LeaderRuca
The LancerSpada
The Big GuyHermana
The Smart GuyRicardo
The ChicksIria and Ange
Team PetKouda

Tales of Phantasia
The LeaderCless
The LancerChester
The Smart GuyKlarth
The Big GuyArche (magic type)
The ChickMint
Sixth RangerSuzu (only available in re-releases of the game)

Tales of Symphonia: Initial Guard
The LeaderLloyd
The LancerGenis
The Smart GuyRaine
The Big GuyKratos
The ChickColette
Sixth RangersSheena, Zelos, Presea and Regal

Tales of Vesperia
The LeaderYuri
The LancerJudith
The Big GuyKarol (who, incidentally, happens to be a 12-year-old kid)
The Smart GuyRita
The ChickEstelle
Sixth RangerRaven
Team PetRepede

TIE Fighter: Imperial Starfighters
The LeaderTIE Fighter
The LancerTIE Interceptor
The Big GuyTIE Bomber
The Smart GuyTIE Advanced
The ChickAssault Gunboat
Sixth RangerTIE Defender and Missile Boat

Tomb Raider: Legend
The LeaderLara
The LancerWinston
The Big GuyZip
The Smart GuyAlister
The ChickAnaya

Touhou: The popular fanon Team 9
The LeaderCirno
The LancerWriggle
The Smart GuyMystia
The Big GuyDaiyousei
The Chick and Token Evil TeammateRumia

Trauma Team
The LeaderCR-S01
The LancerMaria Torres
The Big GuyHank Freebird (literally—his intro mission is called "The Big Guy")
The Smart GuyGabriel Cunningham
The ChickTomoe Tachibana
Sixth RangerNaomi Kimishima

Valkyria Chronicles
The LeaderWelkin
The LancerAlicia
The Big GuyLargo
The Smart GuyIsara
The ChickRosie

Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria (at first)
The LeaderSilmeria
The LancerRufus
The Big GuyDylan
The Smart GuyLezard
The ChickAlicia
Sixth RangersLeone (real identity Hrist) and Arngrim

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
The LeaderGeralt of Rivia
The LancerVernon Roche or Iorveth
The Big GuyZoltan Chivay
The Smart GuyDandelion
The ChickTriss Merigold

The World Ends with You
The LeaderNeku
The LancerShiki
The Smart GuyJoshua
The Big GuyBeat
The ChickRhyme

And, in the Alternate Universe bonus chapter:
The LeaderShooter
The LancerNeku
The Smart GuyJoshua
The Big GuyBeat
The ChickShiki
Sixth Ranger TraitorRhyme

World of Warcraft

The LeaderVarian Wrynn
The LancerMagni Bronzebeard Muradin Bronzebeard in Cataclysm
The Smart GuyGelbin Mekkatorque
The Big GuyTyrande Whisperwind
The ChickVelen or Jaina Proudmoore
Sixth RangerGenn Greymane
Tagalong KidAnduin Wrynn

Alliance Expedition
The LeaderTuralyon
The LancerDanath Trollbane
The Smart GuyKhadgar
The Big GuyKurdran Wildhammer
The ChickAlleria Windrunner

The LeaderThrall
The LancerVol'jin
The Smart GuyLor'themar Theron
The Big GuyCairne Bloodhoof (later replaced by Baine after Cairne dies)
The Dark ChickSylvanas Windrunner
Sixth RangerTrade Prince Gallywix (temporarily appointed by Thrall)

The Artists Formerly Known as Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain
The LeaderSamuro
The LancerBergrisst
The Big GuyChief Thunder-Skins
The Smart GuyMai'Kyl
The ChickSig Nicious

The LeaderJean-Luc Cougar
The LancerJake Hudson
The Smart GuyTom Smith
The Big GuyLaw Bruford
The ChickLisa Roberts
The Sixth RangerMike Hawkins
Tagalong KidKeith Birdy
The MentorSteven Legal

Xenosaga: Main party
The LeaderShion Uzuki
The LancerJr.
The Big GuysZiggy and KOS-MOS
The Smart GuyChaos
The ChickMOMO
The Sixth RangerJin Uzuki

Ys Book I and II: Ancient Ys Vanished
The LeaderAdol
The LancerGoban
The Big GuyDogi
The Smart GuyLuta
The ChickLilia
The Mysterious WaifsFeena and Lair
The Sixth Ranger TraitorKeith

Ys: Seven
The LeaderAdol
The LancerDogi
The Big GuyMustafa/Cruxie
The Smart GuyMishera
The ChickAisha
Tag Along KidElk
Sixth Ranger/The RivalGeis

Zork: Grand Inquisitor
The LancerDalboz of Gurth
The Big GuyBrog
The Smart GuyGriff
The ChickLucy Flathead
The Sixth RangerAntharia Jack