Five Man Band / Video Games L to N
aka: Video Games L-N

L.A. Noire (formed in the last three Arson cases)
The LeaderJack Kelso
The LancerCole Phelps
The Big GuyHerschel Biggs
The Smart GuyPetersen
The ChickElsa Litchmann

The Last Remnant: Athlum Generals
The LeaderDavid
The LancerTorgal
The Big GuyBlocter
The Smart GuyPagus
The ChickEmma, later Emmy

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: The Indigo-Go's, who are also a Five-Man Band in the musical sense.
The LeaderMikau (guitarist)
The LancerJapas (bassist)
The Big GuyTijo (drummer)
The Smart GuyEvan (pianist)
The ChickLulu (vocalist)

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: The Resistance group members
The LeaderRusl
The LancerAshei
The Big GuyAuru
The Smart GuyShad
The ChickTelma
The Sixth Ranger/The AceLink

Live A Live: The crew of the Cogito Ergo Sum
The LeaderHol
The LancerKirk
The Big GuyHuey
The Smart GuyKato
The ChickRachel
The Sixth RangerDarth
Team PetCube (subverted in that he's actually the main character of the chapter)

The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age
The LeaderBerethor
The LancerIdrial
The Big GuyHadhod
The Smart GuyElegost
The ChickMorwen
The Sixth RangerEaoden

The Lost Vikings
The LeaderErik the Swift
The LancerBaleog the Fierce
The Big GuyScorch
The Smart GuyFang
The ChickOlaf the Stout

Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals
The LeaderMaxim
The LancerSelan
The Big GuyGuy
The Smart GuyArtea/Lexis
The ChickTia
Sixth RangerDekar

Lunar: Eternal Blue
The LeaderHiro
The LancerRonfar
The Big GuyJean
The Smart GuyLemina
The ChickLucia
Sixth RangerLeo
The MentorGwyn
Team PetRuby

Majin Tensei II: Spiral Nemesis: The Partisan
The LeaderNaoki Takeuchi
The LancerTomoharu Kikuchi
The Smart GuyKaren Rose or Ogiwara
The Big GuyKaoru Tachibana
The ChickAya Kikuchi

Mega Man X: Command Mission
The LeaderX
The LancersZero and Marino (sometimes The Chick)
The Big GuyMassimo (Call him Steel Massimo!)
The Smart GuyAxl
The ChickCinnamon
Sixth Ranger TraitorSpider
Mission ControlNana
  • Marino is introduced as The Lancer during Zero's absence, but is demoted to The Chick when Zero comes back, presumably because there can only be one girly, red, melee specialist Lancer at a time.

Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer
The LeaderThe Player
The LancerDevlin Arcanus
The Big GuySimon Templar or Overdune Snapfinger
The Smart GuyFrederick Talimere
The ChickElsbeth Lamentia or Cauri Blackthorne

Need for Speed: Carbon
The LeaderThe Player
The LancerSal
The Big GuyNeville
The Smart GuySamson
The ChickYumi
Sixth RangerNikki

Neverwinter Nights (Official Campaign)
The LeaderThe Player
The LancerWhichever henchman you choose, though Sharwyn is the most well-rounded
The Big GuyDaelan
The Smart GuyBoddyknock
The ChickLinu
Tagalong KidTomi
Token Evil TeammateGrimgnaw

Neverwinter Nights (Hordes of the Underdark)
The LeaderThe Player
The LancerDeekin, the only henchman recruitable in all chapters, and the most loyal
The Big GuyValen
The Smart GuyNathyrra
The ChickAribeth's Ghost

Neverwinter Nights 2 (Mask of the Betrayer)
The LeaderThe Player
The LancerGannayev
The Big GuyOkku or One Of Many
The Smart GuySafiya
The ChickKaelyn