Five Man Band / Video Games G to K
aka: Video Games G-K

Galaxy Angel Rune and Galaxy Angel II
The LeaderKazuya (games)
The LancerAnise
The Big GuyLily (sometimes The Smart Guy)
The Smart GuyKahlua
The ChickApricot
The MentorsTact (games), The Moon Angel-tai
Tagalong KidNano-Nano
Team PetMimolette
Sixth RangerNatsume

Gears of War
The LeaderMarcus Fenix
The LancerDominic Santiago
The Big GuyAugustus "Cole Train" Cole
The Smart GuyDamon Baird
The ChicksAnthony and Benjamin Carmine, Anya Stroud and Sam Byrne in 3

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
The LeaderDuke
The LancerHaze
The Big GuyRitchter
The Smart GuyMint
The ChickSaffron
The LonerBanshee
Mission Control/The MentorGhost Lead

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn In the early part of the game.
The HeroMatthew
The LancerAmiti
The Big GuyTyrell
The Smart GuyRief
The ChickKaris

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
The LeaderTommy Vercetti
The LancerLance Vance
The Smart GuyKen Rosenberg
The Big GuyPhil Cassidy
The ChickMercedes Cortez

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Grove Street Families
The LeaderCJ
The LancerSweet
The Big GuyBig Smoke
The Smart GuyRyder
The ChickKendl

Guild Wars 2: The adventuring team Destiny's Edge
The LeaderEir Stegalkin
The LancerLogan Thackeray
The Big GuyRytlock Brimstone
The Smart GuyZojja
The ChickCaithe
Sixth RangerThe Player Character
Team PetGarm (Eir's pet wolf)

Half-Minute Hero
The LeaderHero
The LancerEvilLord
The Big GuyKnight
The Smart GuySage
The ChickPrincess

Halo 3: ODST
The LeaderBuck
The LancerRomeo
The Big GuyDutch
The Smart GuyMickey
The ChickDare
Sixth RangerRookie

Halo: Reach
The LeaderCarter
The LancerEmile
The Big GuyJorge
The Smart GuyKat
The ChickJun
Sixth RangerNoble Six

Kingdom Hearts II: The Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee
The LeaderLeon/Squall Leonhart
The LancerYuffie Kisaragi
The Big GuyCid Highwind
The Smart GuyMerlin the Wizard
The ChickAerith Gainsborough
The Sixth RangerCloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
The LeaderKirby
The LancerWaddle Dee
The Big GuyKing Dedede
The Smart GuyAdeleine
The ChickRibbon

Kirby's Return to Dream Land
The LeaderKirby
The LancerMeta Knight
The Big GuyKing Dedede
The Smart Guy/Sixth Ranger TraitorMagolor
The ChickBandanna Waddle Dee